Tarot-and-StonesThe first time my husband saw me working with the Tarot cards, he asked me, “What are you trying to do, predict the future?”

Not exactly.

The Tarot cards are rich with symbolism and hidden meanings that can help us access our own intuition and our own inner knowing. We can use this information to guide us through difficult situations in our lives, or we can use it to help us grow spiritually and mentally.

When I do a Tarot card reading, I’m not going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen in a week or a month or a year, or in the next five minutes. I’m going to ask for guidance from the higher self to access information that can be useful for making decisions and taking action in the world.

Tarot card readings can be used to gain clarity when you’re feeling confused or frightened about the future. I use objective intuitive impressions to relay information about a situation or relationship.

*** Please note that if you suspect you have a medical condition, you should go see a qualified physician or other health care practitioner. ***