For a better and more accurate reading, the question(s) you ask the Tarot cards are just as important as the answers you seek.

Asking questions of the Tarot cards should be an empowering experience, so phrase your question(s) to reflect that. Some great examples of how to phrase a question for the Tarot cards are:

  • What do I need to know about…?
  • What are the next steps I need to take to accomplish…?
  • What is standing in the way of…?
  • How can I overcome the obstacle of…?
  • What can I do to support myself while I…?
  • What do I need to know about myself?
  • What role do I play in…?

It’s always best to ask your questions of the Tarot so that they are of a positive nature. Instead of asking the Tarot, “Why can’t I…?”, try rephrasing the question to something like, “What steps can I take in order to…?”

In general, avoid asking the Tarot cards about things like winning the lottery, the prognosis of a medical condition or illness, or about a person other than yourself. You most likely won’t get accurate answers to these questions, as you have very little control over these kinds of situations in the first place.

While the Tarot cards are not in any way a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment of any physical illnesses or medical conditions, they can provide insight as to the spiritual causes of a dis-ease that manifests in the physical body.