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“I’ve received two reading from Jen, and both times, I was truly impressed and amazed at the information I gained from them about my life and about myself. The readings showed me that she was insightful with the cards and able to read what was beneath the immediate exterior of what was shown or said. She was knowledgeable and could tell me all the alternate meanings when things didn’t necessarily jibe with my experiences. She stayed focused on the reading – even when I tried to derail it, she kept it on track while still being friendly and happy. Both readings – one of three cards, and then one of a chakra reading – were thorough. Even with only three cards, she was able to bring out a number of truths, and she provided full documentation so that I could review the readings later and get even more out of them.” ~Katherine S.

“Jen combines her solid grasp of the language of the tarot with her own intuitive knowing to provide a deeply personal and accurate interpretation in her readings. Working with her through the chakra spread helped bring clarity and understanding to things within me that I had worked for a long time to understand more fully. I am truly grateful to this woman for sharing her gifts!” ~Margaret W.

“I’ve had multiple readings done by Jennifer, and every one had been on point and delivered beautifully. Jennifer has beautiful energy, and a deep intuition with her craft. So grateful to have found such an in tune tarot reader.” ~Monika K.T.