What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique that guides the body into a state of deep relaxation that allows natural healing to occur. The Reiki practitioner becomes a channel to allow positive energy to flow into and through the recipient to create and restore balance that may help in the healing of emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances.

Is Reiki Safe For Everyone?

Yes! Anyone can receive Reiki! Several recent scientific studies have shown that Reiki can indeed help manage stress levels, ease chronic pain, and create better patient outcomes for people dealing with long-term and chronic illness.

I practice Reiki using several different techniques, including the use of gemstones and shamanic practices for empowering you to heal yourself. I can also provide private or group sessions of restorative or Yin yoga and Reiki.

Want to learn more and experience Reiki for yourself? Contact me to set up a consultation and Reiki session in your home, via distance Reiki, or at one of several locations throughout the Adirondacks.