I have been attracted to gemstones since I was a young girl, and during the last 20+ years, I’ve worked with the healing qualities of gemstones for myself and for others. Another of my great passions in life is creating gemstone jewelry for self-adornment and healing, and now I offer my unique creations on Etsy and at local art shows and farmer’s markets.

Why Gemstones?

My first clue of the energetic properties of gemstones came when I was 15 years old. During a visit to the Museum of Natural History in New York City, I walked into a room full of enormous gemstone geodes. As soon as I got into that room, my head started buzzing. I could hear a ringing in my ears, and my teeth were on edge. Confused, I asked my sister if she felt the energy in the room, but she didn’t. Before we left, I purchased a large quartz crystal point from the gift shop and started to use that crystal whenever I felt depressed or “low”.

Gemstones are created in the earth, and therefore carry the resonance of earth energies. Each stone has unique properties based on its chemical composition. Don’t forget that our physical bodies are composed of the same atoms that are in these gemstones. By directing our energy and our attention, we can use these stones to remember our connection with nature and heal ourselves.

I’ve used gemstones in my personal practice for dream recall and lucid dreaming, to help support physical healing, for shamanic journeying, for meditation, and in my yoga practice. Once I learned how to make jewelry, I started using gemstones to create beautiful, wearable art that also promotes healing.

My Process

Each of my pieces is created one at a time, by hand. Many are unique! When I start working with my stones, I take a few moments to get grounded and centered before blessing and cleansing the stones. After I’ve finished each piece, I give it Reiki to further enhance the properties of the stones and to set the intention that the piece be used for the highest good of its owner.

Mala Beads and Meditation

My gemstone mala beads are a wonderful way to start a new meditation practice, or to enhance your existing meditation practice. Holding the mala in your hands gives you a tactile sensation to focus on while repeating a mantra. Repeating your mantra once for every bead in the strand also gives you a clear beginning and end to your meditation time.

The properties of the gemstones can help your intentions and focus your energies during mantra meditation. I can create a custom strand of gemstone mala beads just for you, attuned to your needs and to support your intentions. Mantra meditation with gemstone mala beads can help create shifts in energy that help you reach your full potential.

Gemstone Jewelry

What better way to use your gemstones than as beautiful and personal self-adornment? By combining different gemstones, I create unique energetic pieces of jewelry that can let you carry the healing power of these beauties with you all day long.

Custom Gemstone Jewelry

Looking for something specific? Contact me any time to talk about how I can create a piece of unique gemstone jewelry just for you!