Are you a busy wellness professional? Do you have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account that has been woefully neglected? Need some help with your social media pages and email marketing plans?

I’ve been working in the fields of SEO blogging, content and digital marketing, email marketing, and social media management since 2009. (Before any of this was actually a “thing”.) In the past, I’ve worked for big corporations but always found that work to be more than a little bit “soulless”.

Now, I want to take the skills I’ve learned from nearly a decade of work in digital marketing and social media marketing and put them to use for people who are trying to make a difference in the world – people like YOU. I’ve been engaging audiences of thousands of people across the world for nearly a decade, and now I want to take all those skills and my energy and put it to work for people who have something wonderful to offer the world.

Whether you are just getting started with your website and social media accounts, or if you’ve just become too busy to handle it all, I can step in and help you come up with a realistic digital marketing plan that includes email, SEO, and social media to help promote your business, expand your reach, and bring in more of the right type of client for you.

Sounds good? Contact me to find out how I can help you edit and update your blog and/or website, create a solid social media marketing plan, and even get more organic search traffic to your website.

After all, what good is having all of these digital marketing tools at your fingertips if you’re not using them?