What Is a Day Of Passage?

Throughout the year, there are days where the energy surrounding us and our intentions is stronger. These days coincide with the cycles of the moon and the sun, the shifting of the seasons, and the path our planet Earth makes through space.

On these days, we may feel more connected to ourselves through these great natural and cosmic shifts. As we move through our lives, the past falls away and we welcome in the new.

These Days of Passage are the perfect time to pause and engage in reflection about the direction in which we are heading. You may discover that you want clarification on an event in the past, or about a future endeavor. This is where the Tarot cards play a part in helping us to access the natural energies around us, and offer practical, real-life guidance for us.

Our next Day of Passage is the Summer Solstice on June 20, 2016. You can book a live Tarot reading with me any time during the 3 days prior to and following the Equinox to tap in to the energies of balance, new growth, and shedding the past.

Check out the Services page to determine which type of reading you’d like, purchase your reading, and then contact me to schedule a time if you’d like a live session (either over the phone, or via Skype.)

Day of Passage Readings

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