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WTFriday: Not My Son

I woke up this morning to news that Saint Donald has pissed off the Australian Prime Minister and the Mexican President. Two of our (maybe former?) allies have now been needlessly and stupidly antagonized. Meanwhile, Saint Donald is also playing... Continue Reading →

WTFriday: Resist

My Facebook feed has literally blown up in the last 2 months since the election of a certain orangefaced cokehead fuckwit here in the US. People are freaking out. And with good reason - this election has finally exposed the... Continue Reading →

WTFriday: The Death of American Malls

On an old blog I used to write, I would occasionally publish a WTFriday post where I would call out some patently absurd news story floating around the internet. And today, I saw one that inspired me to revive that... Continue Reading →

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