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Tarot for Beltane!

I ain't gonna lie, this has been one hell of a challenging couple of months. I sort of glided into Beltane this morning feeling like there are so many things that I have released that I've hit that big, deep,... Continue Reading →

Tarot And the Art Of the Question

Half of what makes a great Tarot reading great is the question that is being asked. There are simply some things that you do not ask the Tarot... When will I hit the lottery? When will my boyfriend ask me... Continue Reading →

Tarot Tuesday: Pick a Card, Any Card!

Well, here we go! It's Tarot Tuesday, and I thought I would change things up a bit. instead of doing readings the way I used to (because, quite honestly, doing that every Tuesday ate up a fair chunk of time... Continue Reading →

Crazy Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

Have you felt the effects of this full moon yet? The last week has been like a bomb going off in my brain. Between the full moon in Leo AND the eclipse AND the comet streaking through our sky tonight...well,... Continue Reading →

Imbolc Tarot Spread

It's here! People, we have officially reached the mid-point of winter. On the calendar, anyway. We might still have a few more months of cold, damp, and bone-chilling weather ahead of us, but I've already noticed the days getting longer... Continue Reading →

Tarot Deck Interview: The Animal Totem Tarot

A few weeks ago, I posted about receiving the beautiful Animal Totem Tarot Deck from a friend, and because I wanted to get to know it a little better, I went ahead and did the deck interview spread by Beth... Continue Reading →

My New Year Reading for 2017

Happy New Year! (A few days in.) Since we're all opening new calendars and busily writing a zillion notes in our brand-spankin-new day planners and journals and entering data into our new electronic and digital organizers, that must mean it's... Continue Reading →

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