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How to Read Tarot Cards

Timing and Tarot

Let me start this blog by telling you a story. Many moons ago, I worked as a veterinary technician for a small clinic. One of the veterinarians came in one morning with an incredible story to tell. A client had... Continue Reading →

The Buddy System: Pairing Decks For In-Depth Readings

Part of my morning routine includes sitting down to breakfast with my 9-year-old and drawing a few cards from whatever deck I happen to be working with at the time. One some mornings, though, I feel the need to use... Continue Reading →

How to Read Tarot Cards: When Your Tarot Reading Is All Major Arcana

Holeeeeeeee moly. A few months ago, I was in the middle of the first module of my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training, when I thought it might be a good idea to draw a few cards for myself before... Continue Reading →

Can Your Tarot Deck Go Wonky?

I belong to a couple of Tarot groups on Facebook, and the other day, I saw someone asked this question: "Has anyone ever had a deck just suddenly go wonky and give you messed up readings? What do you do... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Tarot Decks

The very first Tarot deck I ever bought was the Yoga Tarot deck. I was shopping with my nieces at my favorite gemstone and metaphysical shop up in Chazy, N.Y. and we started browsing the boxes of Tarot and oracle... Continue Reading →

Tarot Tuesday – 5 Easy Tarot Exercises To Get You Going

Ever feel like you're in kind of a slump with Tarot? It happens. Some days, you're feeling connected and so spot-on, and other days, well...meh. That's when I need to take out my deck and just play with the cards.... Continue Reading →

Tarot Tuesday: Do You Always Have to Read Tarot Cards in a Spread?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of Tarot spreads out there? Seriously, just go to Pinterest or Google images and type in, "Tarot spread" or "Tarot card spread" and prepare to get sucked down that rabbit hole... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons NOT to Get Into Tarot

I love reading Tarot cards. There's no question. I love the feeling of being that channel for messages from Spirit, and I love it even more when my readings are a service to the people who come to me looking... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Get To Know Your New Tarot Deck

Cool! You've just scored your first Tarot deck! Congratulations! Are you ready to get to know this deck a little better? Curious to find out what messages it holds for you? Are you ready to find out how this deck... Continue Reading →

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