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My Guardian Angel

I've never been crazy about the whole "angel" phenomena. The idea of angels surrounding me for protection and guidance just never resonated with me - I've always felt more comfortable sensing the presence of one of my spirit animals, a... Continue Reading →

Tarot and the Chakras: The Root Chakra

So it seems like ages ago that I promised some more info on Tarot and the chakras, and seeing as I have some of my very own root chakra issues coming up, this seems like as good a time as... Continue Reading →

What Are the Chakras?

The Chakras were one of those things that I knew in my heart before I knew in my head. What are the chakras? They are energy centers located in the body that help circulate the subtle flow of energy through... Continue Reading →

The Wheel Of the Year

Some of you know that since last June, I've been enrolled in a year-long medicine wheel mentorship with Dakota Walker through the Gaia Wisdom School. It's an immersion into the sacred medicine wheel, also known as the wheel of the... Continue Reading →

6 Alternative Ways to Smudge

Late one evening a couple of years ago, I got the news that a friend had passed away unexpectedly. It was a shock to read the news, and my husband immediately said, "Let's light a candle and do some smudging... Continue Reading →

Clearing the Air: Smudging As a Fresh Start to 2017

Whew, this year has been a fucking doozy, hasn't it? Avalanche of beloved celebrity deaths aside, there has been a whole lot of shifting this year for many of us. Old and outmoded attitudes and beliefs about ourselves have fallen... Continue Reading →

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