jen and coldenHi! I’m Jen, a 40-something practitioner of yoga and Reiki. I’m also a jewelry and glass artist, writer, and social media/SEO professional. Did I also mention I’m Mom to the coolest 8-year-old on the planet?

My story starts when I was a kid. I would do yoga asanas without even knowing what they were. I would bag groceries standing with my legs in tree pose. In kindergarten, I would sit in lotus pose when the teacher asked us to sit cross-legged. I can remember doing shoulder stand as a kidnergartener, too! When I started learning how to do yoga in my late teens, it suddenly all clicked – I’d been doing these poses my whole life.

When I was little, I would rub my hands together until they were hot, and then play with the little “energy balls” that I created. I was endlessly amused by these, but when I asked the grown-ups about them, they told me that it wasn’t real, and that it wasn’t really energy that I was feeling. So, I tucked it away, figuring that the grown-ups knew better. Fast forward to my late 30s when I experienced my first Reiki session, and I knew that the grown-ups were wrong.

I’ve also been able to “read” the energy around me, and in other people, from a very early age. I was sensitive to the “vibes” from other people, or objects. I wasn’t always open to understanding this energy or where it comes from, but as I’ve developed my meditation and yoga practice, I’ve learned how to access my deeper intuition, and how to channel that intuition through the use of Tarot cards. I love the images and the symbolism and the beautiful, rich history of the cards. Reading Tarot cards for myself (and others) has been an incredible experience in learning how to trust my intuition and my inner guides.

I use my Tarot cards very differently than other readers. Whereas you have some Tarot readers who will look at a card and warn you against travel or tell you that a big contract is coming your way (!!!!), I use the cards as a way to clarify the images I see during an energy work session. Using the symbolism of the cards with numerology and my own unique type of energy sensitivity, I create readings of the energy surrounding a particular person or situation to provide guidance and understanding.

I make my home in the Adirondack mountains of New York state near the Canadian border where we enjoy spending time in the woods and on the rivers and lakes in all seasons.

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