I ain’t gonna lie, this has been one hell of a challenging couple of months. I sort of glided into Beltane this morning feeling like there are so many things that I have released that I’ve hit that big, deep, empty VOID. Nothing left. All gone. Hollow. I sat in bed this morning and wondered, is anybody even listening to me? I started asking myself some hard questions, and asking them from a soul-centered place.

But anyway. After breakfast, it was time to do some Beltane Tarot for this next 6 months. Beltane, like Samhain, is a time when the Veil is thinnest, and it’s a good time for working with the ancestors, releasing family karma, and communicating with your spirit guides. I found this great Beltane Tarot spread, and I felt drawn to use my old favorite, the Robin Wood Tarot for this reading.

Card 1: What Wants To Grow: 3 of Swords Reversed

Ouch, right? Pain wants to grow this season? Well, since this card is reversed, I got the impression that this is actually a card about releasing and healing. And yes, it makes total sense for what I’ve been going through for the last couple of months, unearthing and releasing loads of shitty family karma that has been making my life a living hell. So when I saw this card reversed, I was like, yeah, that’s okay by me. I want to continue to grow and release this pain that I’ve been denying for so long. Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

Card 2: What Will Inspire Growth: 8 of Cups

Wa-hoo! It seems that all this spiritual growth work I’ve been doing through the Gaia Wisdom School mentorship program is actually paying off. While the program ends sometime next month (maybe not – we’ll see if I have enough money to go around the medicine wheel a second time), the skills and tools that I’ve learned over the last year have served me well. Very well. In that circle, we remind ourselves that these challenges are great opportunities for soul growth. (A-hem. 3 of Swords, anyone?) Looks like I was on the right path, after all.

Card 3: What Is Dying Off: 7 of Pentacles

Another big ouch. My vision is dying off? My desire to plant seeds for a prosperous future is dying off? Well, not really. But certainly, my old vision of “career” is dying off. I’m no longer willing to be satisfied working 9+ hours a day for someone else. Interestingly enough, one of my favorite Tarot Wiki sites also said that this card can symbolize…wait for it…a belief that one is “not good enough”. Woof! Yeah, I’d say that’s something that has definitely held me back for the last 40 years. So you know what? If that’s what’s dying off, I’m glad to see it go and I’ll happily bury that shit 6 feet deep in my backyard.

Card 4: How to Protect New Life: 6 of Cups

Well, this was encouraging! Lately, I’ve become aware of just how “closed off” I feel sometimes when it comes to exploring and pursuing new opportunities, or how isolated I feel from my friends and community. How can I protect this new life that I’m working on creating for myself? Being open to receive. This 6 of Cups is all about being willing to accept love, something that I have had a very difficult time doing for the last few months. Or years. Or maybe for most of my life. But yeah, here we go. Stay open! Communicate! Community! It’s right there in the card.

Card 5: Resources Available: The Devil

Holy hell in a handbasket, do ya think my cards could have given me just one or two easy cards for this reading? (Well, they did. Maybe one. Ugh.) When I saw The Devil show up as “resources available” I nearly shit a brick. My illusions are my resources? When I sat with it for a few moments, what I realized is that I have been fooling myself into thinking that I don’t have any resources for pursuing my vision. D-oh! I might not have a lot of monetary resources, but I have plenty of other things at my disposal. Like, maybe my knowledge of SEO blogging, content marketing, social media management, WordPress… Heh. Yeah, I guess this card showed up to slap me upside the head a little bit.

Card 6: How to Use the New Gift: The World, Reversed

Aaaaaand just for the icing on the cake that is this Beltane Tarot reading, and something that has been nipping at my heels for quite some time now, is The World reversed. How to use this new gift? Finish what I fucking start, for once in my life. This has been something that I’ve been working on, as I slowly destash 15+ years’ worth of beads and crafting supplies that have been lying in my basement not being used. As I dig through boxes and bins and bags, I notice that there are – literally – hundreds of unfinished projects down there. Bah. Time to learn how to follow through and finish what I’ve started. Hop to it, VanBen! Sheesh…

So, there we have it. Beltane Tarot for 2017! Want me to do a reading for you? Contact me and set up an appointment, or I can do a reading via email and have it sent to you within 24 hours!

Blessed Beltane to you and yours on this May 1!