I know, I know…we’re about a month into spring according to the calendar, but up here in the northern Adirondacks, it still feels like winter. We’re still firing up the wood stove every night and every morning, and even though the quality of the light has changed during the day, we’re still seeing the occasional snow flurry here and there. Today is particularly chilly: the wind is blowing through the river valley and the clouds are threatening rain.

But, still. The wheel of the year is telling us that we’re now in the spring, or the East direction, so that means I’m going to start digging in to that springtime energy and switch up my Tarot decks for a few months. Not only does this give me a chance to learn on new decks, it lets me tap into the natural energy that’s strongest during this time of year. Good stuff!

Psychic Tarot For the Heart

Why do I love this Tarot for spring and the East direction? It originally attracted me to working with it in the spring because of the green color of the box. (Yep. Yikes.) But the deck itself is so perfect for spring, and the cards just have that fresh energy about them. This deck is all about growth and vision – and isn’t that what spring is all about, too?

Harmonious Tarot

This sweet art art nouveau deck is full of soft images, embellished with plants and greenery and growing things. It’s light and fresh – plus, it’s a mini-deck so it fits in the smallest pocket in my tote bag. It’s a beautiful study deck or for doing readings about new beginnings!

Wild Wood Tarot

This last deck was a toss-up for me. While the images do convey a feeling of spring and renewal, they also fit very much into the darker energy of autumn and the West. What I love most about this deck are the earthy images, and the substitutions of stones for pentacles, bows for wands, vessels for cups, and arrows for swords.

What do you think – do you have a favorite deck or two for spring?