It seems like everything is going digital these days. Books and magazines can be read on an electronic device. Forms and documents can all be “signed” electronically, without ever actually touching paper to pen. Long gone are the days when payday meant getting a paper check in an envelope from the boss or from human resources – most folks these days just get direct deposit into their bank account. Are Tarot and Oracle decks heading the same way?

Well, yes and no. While there will never ever be a replacement for the feeling of printed Tarot and Oracle cards, there are lots of fun options for digital Oracle card apps for your smartphone or tablet. Here are two that I really, really like.

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

This is a fun app available in the Amazon store for Kindle, and on iTunes. The initial download is free and gives you access to a limited number of cards. For $6.99, you can access the entire deck of 50+ images and keep a journal of your readings. In both the free and paid versions, you can do readings of 1, 3, or 5 cards.

The images are infused with an electricity, making them feel both ethereal and powerful. My one big beef with these “cards” (and the following set) is that the English grammar is less than perfect. Sorry, but language is a big deal to me. If you’re going to offer these things, make sure you write things in complete sentences.

Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards

After a quick search on Amazon, I discovered that you can indeed purchase a hard copy of the Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards. This app, published by the same company as the Spirit Animal Oracle app, is pretty much the same: the free version gives you access to a limited number of cards, and for $6.99 you get access to the entire deck, plus a journal that you can save and the ability to send your readings to yourself or someone else via email.

The images are light and enchanting, yet full of depth with symbolism. Your choice of readings for this Oracle card app includes 1, 3, or 11 cards. (11! That’s a big huge reading.)

I’ve used both of these apps at times when it’s just not practical for me to be shuffling out a deck of cards, but still felt the need to get a little guidance on the energy of a situation I was dealing with. While I don’t feel 100% connected to the energy of using a digital application for divining, my readings with these apps has, so far, been accurate.

What do you think? Have you ever used an Oracle card or Tarot app on your digital device? Do you like it just as much as using paper cards?