Part of my morning routine includes sitting down to breakfast with my 9-year-old and drawing a few cards from whatever deck I happen to be working with at the time. One some mornings, though, I feel the need to use 2 decks – one Tarot deck and a complementary Oracle card deck. Have you ever tried this?

Since I’ve got almost 2 dozen Tarot and Oracle decks, I thought it might be fun to try pairing them up to add more layers and depth to the readings I do for myself and others. I worked intuitively each day, mixing and matching decks, and I discovered a lot of fun ways to use the buddy system with my decks.

A Reading For Myself With The Buddy System

So, I was having kind of a shitty week. One morning at breakfast, I pulled my three cards for the day, all reversed: the 7 of wands, the Fool, and the King of Pentacles. Those reversals pretty much summed up the shitty week I was having: fighting myself, or at least, feeling like I was fighting battles against the unknown; having someone accuse me of being irresponsible in my desires for a certain kind of life; and then feeling like I just didn’t have the resources to accomplish my goals to create the life I wanted.

Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I wanted to get a little deeper into the energy of these cards, and maybe see if I could find a way to turn this into an empowering reading instead of just a reflection of what was going on around me. I grabbed my second favorite deck, the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck. This gorgeous, lavishly illustrated deck combines gemstone meanings with ascended masters and beautiful traditional sacred geometry. It’s been one of my favorite Oracle decks since it landed in my hands a couple of summers ago.

I drew three cards from my Crystal Mandala Oracle and placed them above the corresponding Tarot cards from my Animal Totem deck. Then I flipped them over, and the results were so inspiring!

The first pairing was diamond with the reversed 7 of wands. The Crystal Mandala card had the phrase, “So It Shall Be”. Well, that was all I needed to see. It was time for me to stop fighting things because they weren’t the way I thought they “should” be and start allowing things to just be as they were. Easier said than done, but it made total sense. I was wasting energy fighting myself, fighting these things. It was time for me to let go.

Next up, I drew the black obsidian card to pair with the reversed Fool. Black obsidian is a great stone for reflection, and the words “Sacred Revolution” on the card showed me that this while it may seem irresponsible to someone else, this journey that I am on can be threatening to others because this path that I am on is new and definitely not conventional.

Finally, I got the ammonite, “From Word to World” over the reversed King of Pentacles. So what if I don’t have a lot of financial resources to put towards my goals? What can I do right now that will move me forward? This card told me that I needed to sit down and make a list of everything that I have available to me, not just money – my talents, my time, my contacts. All of them combine together to help move me towards my financial and career goals.

So, there! I love the idea of using two different decks of Tarot and Oracle cards for readings. I love the way you can play around with the energy of each deck, and really, with all these card combinations there are unlimited possibilities for finding greater depth and meaning in your readings!