Holeeeeeeee moly. A few months ago, I was in the middle of the first module of my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training, when I thought it might be a good idea to draw a few cards for myself before training began for the day. So I took my Linestrider Tarot deck (which I love for working with in the winter) and let my fingers choose a few cards. Turned ’em over in front of the little altar my teacher had set up in the middle of the room, and….

All major arcana. Every. Single. One.

There was some serious energy coming from that reading, and truthfully, I felt a little overwhelmed just looking at them all: Death. The Hanged Man. The World. The Fool. Woa, momma. Just what the hell was going on here?

What are the Major Arcana, anyway?

The Major Arcana are also called the…er…Trump cards…in the Tarot deck. (For certain political and energetic reasons, I’m going to only refer to them as the Major Arcana. You know why.) These are the first 22 cards in the Tarot deck that take us on the Fool’s Journey, also known as The Hero’s Journey. Each of these cards represents a significant archetype or life lesson that we are here to learn in the physical world this time around.

When the Major Arcana show up in a reading, there’s something important happening. A shift of some kind, something new coming up or something old being released. So when I chose 4 cards, and all of them were Major Arcana, I realized that there was something major coming my way.

Some Tarot readers prefer to read with just the Major Arcana, because these cards carry such rich symbolism. They’re also easier to read than some of the Minor Arcana and court cards, so beginners can use them for in-depth readings with less cards.

So What Did I See In My Major Arcana Cards?

This was a biggie. The first card in the reading, Death, had a symbol that reminded me of something I had seen in a dream a few days earlier: a gemstone skull with “hair” of druzy crystals. It felt like a big release of energy, a big letting go of lots of old stuff that I was finally ready to get rid of.

Next up was The Hanged Man, reversed – time to stop torturing myself. Incidentally, at the time I did this reading, I had something of a realization when it came to my attitudes about being vulnerable vs. being a victim. Was this part of the old energy I was letting go of? Probably.

Next up was The World: success, completion. This part of my journey was finished, I had reached a pinnacle, and…

The Fool, launching me right back into something new! Discovering something new, moving forward with greater awareness Time to figure out what I know and what I don’t know.

Looking at these cards in this order, it seemed as if something big was about to propel me forward – and sure enough, not too long after I pulled these cards, I started making some real progress towards reconciling the trauma of my past.

Get To Know Your Major Arcana

Just for the heck of it, grab a deck of Tarot cards, or do a Google search for images of the Major Arcana. Spend a few days or a few weeks journaling on each card, meditating on it, maybe even making a list of the colors, symbols, and numbers you see on the cards. Tuck one under your pillow at night and ask for a dream about interpreting the card. Or try pairing each Major Arcana card with one or more Minors and see how the meanings change. There are so many ways to work with your Major Arcana  – be creative and have fun as you get to know them!