For the last week, every time I draw my cards, one card keeps coming up over and over – the King of Pentacles, reversed – and it’s always in the same position, as a person in my life. I know exactly who this person is, and the message is clear: you need to stop listening to what this person is trying to tell you about your career and finances, because they don’t understand what’s best for you.

It got me thinking how there are so many times in Tarot readings when cards come up as people who influence us in our lives. Can you imagine the characteristics of the cards if they were people? How would you describe these cards in a reading for someone if they turned up in the “other person” position?

Thinking about the Tarot cards as if they were people is just one way to get to know the tarot card meanings when you’re learning how to read Tarot. So I got to thinking about one of my favorite cards, The Fool, and what it would be like if this card were a person…

If Tarot Cards Were People: The Fool

The Fool is the very first card in the major arcana, and very often the very first card in the Tarot deck. Sometimes it’s numbered as “0” to symbolize the Great Mystery, or The Void – those dark places where everything and nothing exist all at the same time. Every new beginning comes from that place, and everything ends there, too.

When The Fool is upright, it would be like a person who is inspired to follow their dreams. They are always running off chasing new adventures, they might even travel the world with just a carry-on and a toothbrush. (Or just a toothbrush.) This person has the innocence of a child, and views the world with that sense of wonder and awe – every little thing is worthy of astonishment. Do you know someone who tends to jump into situations without knowing what they’re getting into? A free spirit? That’s the energy of The Fool.

The Fool isn’t afraid to take a leap and start something new – whether it’s because they don’t know any better or because they’re looking for a new adventure, life is never dull when The Fool turns up in your life.

The Fool As a Person: What If It’s Reversed?

So what’s the opposite of a carefree soul looking for an adventure? Maybe someone who is willfully ignorant, or someone who acts without thinking about the consequences of their actions. This would be a person who knows that they are doing something to hurt someone, but goes ahead and does it anyway. When I see The Fool reversed as a person, I think of someone who is irresponsible or does things that are not in their best interests. This might even be someone who makes the same bad choices over and over, who doesn’t seem able or willing to learn from their mistakes. In extreme cases, the reversed Fool can be a person who is downright reckless and endangers themselves or others.

What do you think – do you know anyone in your life who embodies The Fool? How does The Fool show up in your own life and your actions?