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March 2017

Tarot and the Chakras: The Root Chakra

So it seems like ages ago that I promised some more info on Tarot and the chakras, and seeing as I have some of my very own root chakra issues coming up, this seems like as good a time as... Continue Reading →

If Tarot Cards Were People: The Fool

For the last week, every time I draw my cards, one card keeps coming up over and over - the King of Pentacles, reversed - and it's always in the same position, as a person in my life. I know... Continue Reading →

Tarot And the Art Of the Question

Half of what makes a great Tarot reading great is the question that is being asked. There are simply some things that you do not ask the Tarot... When will I hit the lottery? When will my boyfriend ask me... Continue Reading →

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