It’s here again! Time for Tarot Tuesday, and time to choose your card. Today’s deck is the Animal Totem Tarot, one of my favorite decks for its rich artwork and the addition of animal medicine into the intuitive readings of the Tarot.

So, here you go… Take a good look at the cards, numbered 1 – 3. Listen to your breath for a moment, and let your breath drop down into your heart, then your belly. Feel it in your gut – which card is calling to you? Then scroll down to find the reveal…


A little bit about the Animal Totem Tarot… This deck was given to me by a friend from yoga teacher training, and it just instantly resonated with me. I’ve always loved the Animal Medicine Cards (they were my first oracle deck, actually), and so with this deck, I get to combine the best of both worlds – the wisdom of Native American animal medicine with the rich symbolism and energy of the Tarot! Woot woot!


Anyway… On to the big reveal!






Card 1: 7 of Swords (Ferret)

Ferrets are such cute little critters, aren’t they? Members of the weasel family, they take the art of stealth to a whole new level. Some people aren’t quite as enamored by these friendly, wriggly creatures as I am, and that’s because the ferret has something of a bad reputation for being sneaky. If you chose this card today, you’re being called to ask yourself some tough questions: where am I not being 100% honest with someone else? Where am I not being honest with myself? Am I doing harm to someone by not being completely forthcoming with them? On the other hand, maybe you’re using your stealth as a way to protect yourself and your best interests, or maybe you’re engaging in stealth as play. Reflect on where in your life you need to hold back in order to protect yourself or someone you love.

Card 2: Strength (Ox)

Woa. The ox has always been a symbol of strength and solidity, and in this card, we see that our ox has been hoked up to a wagon full of stuff. If you chose this card, you’re being asked to draw on your inner strength in order to carry these heavy loads. Maybe you feel as though you’ve forgotten about your own inner strength? Spend some time with a piece of paper or your journal and make a list of all your personal strengths. Don’t be shy – think about the things that you’re really good at, and just own it. At the same time, you can think about where you might need to develop your “muscles”, whether they are spiritual, emotional, or even physical. You know that deep down, you have what it takes to pull through; take a few minutes to practice some self-care and find that place where you keep your reserves of inner strength.

Card 3: 6 of Cups (Otter)

Oh, my, this card has been coming up a lot lately – not just for me, but for my Tarot clients, too. The 6 of Cups is all about that sweet, innocent place in each of us that is just pure love. Just like the place where we keep our inner strength, there is a place in each of us where we have a source of pure love. Make no mistake, living from this place is downright scary because it requires us to be vulnerable – it’s not about ego, it’s about soul. This beautiful, childlike energy needs to be expressed right now. How can you turn your work into play? Can you live lightly and with grace each day? Maybe this card came up for you because you’ve been feeling bogged down by life and day-to-day adulting. Take a moment to pause and see where you can lighten things up a bit and be like the otter. Play more!



…and if you’re interested in going deeper into the messages that come up for you today, you can always contact me and book a full Tarot reading. Readings can be done via Skype, telephone, or in-person.