I have a lot of Tarot and oracle decks. A lot. I mean, probably not nearly as many as some other folks I know, but still… I have a lot. And while they all came in lovely, sturdy boxes and packaging, I really don’t like keeping them in their boxes. I want my Tarot decks and oracle decks to be resting comfortably. Keeping my decks in their original boxes feels too much like making them sit in an office all day – yuck. I’d rather have them lounging around in pretty, soft fabrics.

So, being the craft hoarder that I am, I dug through my stash and found some beautiful fabrics that I bought at the local thrift shop. Originally, I had planned to use these fabrics for another project, but realized that they would be perfect for my experiments with stitching up a DIY drawstring Tarot bag.

The other…interesting…part of the project? I can’t sew. Really. I can’t sew worth shit. I can stitch a button back on a shirt, or I can stitch a bunch of seed beads together, but when it comes to attaching two pieces of fabric using a needle and thread? Forget it. I’m better off using a hot glue gun. But still, I persisted. (See what I did there?) And I dug out some old upholstery thread and a needle or two and started working on a DIY Tarot bag!


I started out with the idea that I would make a Tarot bag for my sweet little Celtic mini deck. (I love mini decks.) I placed the deck in the center of the fabric, and made some measurements, folded the fabric over to make sure that it was going to be large enough to fit the deck, and cut it out with my embroidery scissors.

Interesting fact: when you put your fabric scraps in the wood stove to burn instead of clogging up the landfills with them, be careful with the metal fireplace poker because the burning fabric will wrap itself around the tip of the poker and then sort of melt-smolder there for a bit, causing the hard wired smoke detectors in your house to go off, disturbing both your geriatric dog and your husband who is trying to cope with a wicked bad stomach virus. Lesson learned.


Next, I folded the bag so that the inside of the fabric was facing me. I used a double-length of upholstery thread with a big knot in it and started whip-stitching up the side of the bag. This way, my messy stitches are hidden on the inside of the bag, and all we see on the outside is a nice, sort-of even seam! Yay!


I sewed the bag up until about the last 1 1/2 inches, and then folded the top down to make a flap. This is where I threaded the satin cord for the drawstring. I was careful to just sew those two pieces together on one side, then did the other side so that I didn’t accidentally sew the whole thing shut on itself.

I repeated everything on the other side, and then threaded the satin cord through the opening at the top of the bag.


Next up, to secure the satin cord in the bag for the drawstring, I stitched straight across the front and back flaps. Again, I was careful not to sew the bag shut, which would not have been out of the realm of possibilities for me. Considering the number of times I have locked my keys in my own damn car, I was careful to keep the opening of the bag open while I stitched. Sure, my stitches weren’t really “pretty”, but the white thread blended it nicely with the patterns on the fabric. Huzzah! I knotted the ends of the satin cord together and I had a Tarot bag!

So, then…


I put the mini deck into the bag. The bag might have been a wee bit too big for the deck. Not like I didn’t have ample time to realize this while I was stitching together this ginormous Tarot bag, but, yeah, there it was. Way too big. The cards were swimming in this bag. Lucky for me, I just got my hands on a Wildwood Tarot deck, and it fit perfectly in this bag. So, there! The colors matched the colors in the deck (and I’m kinda weird about that, I like things to sort of match) and it closed up snugly and securely over the top of the deck, with enough room in the bag for me to include a couple of palm stones or gemstones or whatever else I wanted to toss in there. Success!

Except that I still need to stitch up a bag for my mini deck…

Back to the drawing board…