Well, here we go! It’s Tarot Tuesday, and I thought I would change things up a bit. instead of doing readings the way I used to (because, quite honestly, doing that every Tuesday ate up a fair chunk of time that I now need to devote to other endeavors), I’m going to post a new fun way to get a reading.

Just take a look at these three cards. Take a few moments to get centered with some deep breaths, and then allow your gaze to drift towards the card it is most attracted to.


Then scroll down to see the reveal and the meaning behind the card you chose!








Card #1: Fire Tower – Careful Observation.

Historically, fire towers were used in the Adirondack Park to house radio equipment for the purpose of monitoring and communication as a way to prevent and fight forest fires. Today, these fire towers are mostly unused but are still as important part of the Adirondack landscape and lore.

Fire towers give us perspective, from a distance. They give us a place to observe and collect information. A fire tower is a place where we can simply watch before making a judgement.

If a Fire Tower has made its way into your cards today, it’s a sign that you need to take a step back and engage in some observation. You need to gather information about your situation or about your path before you make any decisions or take any action. Find a quiet place where you can sit with yourself and objectively ponder what’s been happening in your life.

You may feel an urge to act quickly, but remember that there is an action in inaction. Making the choice to pause and take stock of what’s happening around you is sometimes the most powerful course of action you can take.

Card #2: Caterpillar – Vulnerability

The caterpillar is a creature that understands transition. Coming from the tiny egg and quickly growing into a larva, the caterpillar is in a place of great potential as well as great danger. For the caterpillar, the best is yet to come in its glorious transformation to butterfly – but it must take steps for self-preservation, or else it will end up as lunch for a hungry bird.

Caterpillar reminds us that there is beauty to be found when we’re at our most vulnerable, or living in that in-between stage where everything and anything is possible. We know that this stage of life may not be pretty, but it is necessary if we are to get where we are going. The caterpillar isn’t deceived by appearances – it knows that one day, it will reinvent itself as a creature of great beauty.

When Caterpillar crawls into your life, it’s a time to embrace where you are in life. This may not be the easiest place, or the safest place, but having faith that everything will work out exactly as it is meant to will give you the courage to keep going with hard work and diligence.

Card #3: Katydid – Shifting Energies & Revelations

Katydid hops into our cards when it’s time for us to start tuning in to new energies that are shifting our way. New creative endeavors, new projects, new ways of looking at our lives are all in the works when we see a Katydid.

In particular, we need to trust our creative instincts and impressions when it comes to understanding the message of Katydid. It may feel impossible to follow the energy as it jumps and shifts from one thing to the next, but this is the lesson: to learn how to trust our intuitive senses and perceptions, even when things seem to be moving too quickly for us to make sense of it all.


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