Yes, yes, we get it – rose quartz is aaaaaaaall about looooooove. We get it. It’s pink. It’s pretty. It opens and soothes your heart chakra. Yay. I’ve had a love-hate thing going on with rose quartz for years; I either love it or I hate it, depending on my mood. For some of us who are more earthy, it’s nice to know that there are other beautiful gemstones out there that can help you work on matters of the heart.

Amethyst – This purple perennial favorite of mine is best suited for “earthy” folks. It’s a very uplifting, spiritual stone, sometimes referred to as the “stone of sobriety” because of an ancient Roman belief that it could cure hangovers. (Not that I’ve ever tested that one out.) Amethyst helps open the connection between the heart and crown chakras, and can work to soothe anxiety, headaches, and insomnia. What’s not to love?


Tourmaline – I’ve always had a thing for watermelon tourmaline. Those watery greens and pinks just call to me. And guess what? Black, green, and watermelon tourmaline all help get to the root of physical diseases of the heart, while the pink tourmaline works in a manner similar to rose quartz in the development of self-love and compassion, but with the added bonus of being a powerful blocker and transmuter of negative energy. So much to love about this gemstone!


Chrysoprase – When I first started working with gemstones, the only chrysoprase I could find was either a sickly lemon-yellow color (not my favorite) or a dyed neon green. Ick. But recently, I came across a magnificent source for earthy, dark, rich green chrysoprase. I’ve fallen hard for this stone – my enormous green chrysoprase palm stone is with me pretty much all day these days, either in my pocket or in my tote bag. Chrysoprase activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra to provide energy to the entire physical body. It can also help with self-esteem and to induce deep meditative states.

Crazy lace agate – Also known as Mexican agate or Mexican lace agate, I’ve always loved the intricate banding and rich, deep colors of this gemstone. While all agates can help us awaken our latent, inherent talents so we can bring these gifts into the world, crazy lace agate can help bring energy to the body during times of physical “lows”. Bonus – it also helps you laugh more. Love and laughter in the same stone? I’ll take it.


Garnet – Most people are familiar with the blood-red color of garnet, but other colors of this popular stone include green and orange. In antiquity, garnet was one of the preferred stones for engagement rings, as it was considered a stone to encourage commitment in romantic relationships. It facilitates a warm and understanding expression of love in oneself and towards others. It’s also been referred to as a “stone of health”, having positive healing effects on the entire physical body. I might also be a wee bit inclined to love garnet more than other stones, since it’s my son’s birthstone!


Green aventurine – Sometimes called “the Shaman’s heart stone”, this is a highly protective gemstone for the heart. It can help create a shield against “energy vampires” who drain you of positive energy. While it has a soothing effect on the fourth (heart) chakra, it also works on the second (sacral) chakra to enhance creativity and helping to balance male/female energies that are necessary to manifest in the physical world. The soothing and grounding energy of green aventurine makes it a fabulous stone to carry or wear if you’re dealing with adrenal exhaustion.


There are lots of other gemstones out there that you can use in place of rose quartz. If you’re looking to use a different gemstone for matters of the heart, don’t forget that the color associated with the hart chakra is green so most green stones will nicely complement your rose quartz.

Do you have a favorite gemstone for the heart that isn’t rose quartz? Tell me what it is!