The very first Tarot deck I ever bought was the Yoga Tarot deck. I was shopping with my nieces at my favorite gemstone and metaphysical shop up in Chazy, N.Y. and we started browsing the boxes of Tarot and oracle cards. My niece Kinsey pointed out one brightly colored box – the Yoga Tarot! Perfect for a newly minted yoga teacher, right? I loved the images on the bright, colorful cards, but there was just one problem – I had no idea how to read Tarot cards, and so for the first year or so, I had to constantly look up all the meanings of the cards in the little white book.

Still, it came with a cool velvet Tarot bag for storing the deck, and the cards portrayed all the yoga poses with which I was now intimately familiar.

My first Tarot mistake: I thought that in order to learn how to read Tarot cards, I had to memorize all the keywords and meanings of all 78 cards. So I gave up on that deck pretty quickly.

Fast forward a few years, and I discover this sweet little Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck at a friend’s house. By now, I’ve been reading Tarot cards (successfully) for a couple of years, and I totally fall in love with the fairy-tale themed cards. This little deck becomes my “study” deck, and I spend lots and lots of hours sorting through the cards, working with the Major Arcana and court cards, and just in general diving deep into the energy of the Tarot with this deck.

Then one afternoon not too long ago, I was cleaning up and straightening my bookshelves and came across my old Yoga Tarot deck. I had been ready to give it up and give it away, but it suddenly occurred to me that this was the perfect chance for me to study these cards right alongside a deck with which I felt very comfortable. Ta-da!

The first step for me to reacquaint myself with my Yoga Tarot deck was to sort through the cards and separate them into Major Arcana, court cards, and pip cards. As I re-arranged the deck, I paid attention to each card, noticing which ones felt good and which ones felt difficult.

Next I placed the Major Arcana on top, and spent a couple of days working with just those cards. These are the cards that tell us story of the Hero’s Journey, and one of the things I love about Tarot is that because each deck is so different, it opens you up to many versions of the same story. Now that I knew more about Tarot and how to compare the two decks, it all made  sense!

I’m so happy that I decided to hang on to that Yoga Tarot deck instead of giving it away. Using a deck like this is one way you can add depth to your Tarot readings and work more with your intuition!