Ever feel like you’re in kind of a slump with Tarot? It happens. Some days, you’re feeling connected and so spot-on, and other days, well…meh. That’s when I need to take out my deck and just play with the cards. No real rhyme or reason, no goals, just play. Sounds good, right? Here are 5 easy and fun Tarot exercises to help get you through the slump when you feel like you should do something with Tarot but you just don’t want to…

  1. Pull a card. Just one. Just one card. That’s all! Don’t let yourself pull more than one. Take your favorite deck and just take out one card, put it in front of you. Meditate on it for a few minutes, and then put it away. Write down a few words or draw a few pictures to illustrate the impressions you got from that card, and then leave your deck tucked away until the next day. Sometimes, purposely creating space between you and your deck can help charge you up for the next time you want to read.
  2. Pull 2 cards, and see how many different ways you can think of to interpret these cards in a pair. Write ’em all down in your notebook.
  3. Pick out just the Major Arcana cards and arrange them in front of you to tell a story – it can be a story of your own invention, or see if you can identify themes from other stories you love like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Spider Man, or any other movie or book that you love.
  4. Take 2 decks. Compare the cards – look at the 5 of Pentacles from both decks, or compare just the Major Arcana or the Court cards. What’s the same? What’s different? What do you like about each card? What do you not like about each one?
  5. Color your own Tarot card. Pick one card, and do your best to re-draw the card in your notebook. Color it in using crayons, magic markers, whatever. Add stickers, glitter, funky tape, whatever! Make it your own.