One of the reasons I love living here in the Adirondacks is that we’re close to nature. Like, really close to nature. This winter, we’ve been observing a flock of wild turkeys that make their way back and forth from the acres of wild forest behind our house, between our house and the neighbor’s, and then across the street to another mowed field. A few months ago, I noticed one of the birds hopping around – and I thought to myself, does that turkey have only one leg?

Of course, I dismissed the idea right away. A one-legged turkey wouldn’t last long in the wild up here where there are coyotes and humans with hunting licenses and plenty of other critters that would snatch up the chance for an easy meal of wild turkey.

But then one afternoon when we were watching the birds outside, there she was – that same turkey, hopping up and down on one leg. I asked my husband, “Am I crazy, or does that turkey have only one leg?”

So, it turns out I’m not crazy (at least, not about the turkey) and yes, my husband and another neighbor had indeed observed this one-legged turkey hopping around our area all summer long.

Well, the other day, I was arriving home after a morning out teaching yoga, and as I pulled into the driveway and rounded the bend towards the garage, there she was, right in front of the garage doors! The one-legged turkey hen!

She didn’t hop away too quickly when I pulled in, so I just sat in the car and watched her for a few minutes and snapped a few pictures. Eventually, I got out of the car and watched her for a few more minutes as she hopped her way across the yard towards the big box elder tree. Finally, she decided she had had enough, spread her wings, and flew across the rest of the yard to the little path through the woods.

It’s been such a gift to be able to get up close to this one-legged turkey hen like this. She doesn’t trust us completely, but every time she shows up in the yard, she seems to get closer and closer to the house. Maybe we can get her to move in one of these days?

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to connect with nature where you live this week!