From a documentary I recently watched, comes this tale for our times…

There was once a little tiger cub who was abandoned by his mother and found himself living among sheep. For years, he lived with the sheep – he ate grass and plants, he romped with the sheep, he grazed, he did everything the little sheep did. When he opened his mouth, out came a little bleat instead of a mighty roar.

One day, there was a bigger tiger roaming near the sheep, and he was just about to pounce and eat one of the sheep when he saw that tiger cub. He went up to the tiger cub and said, what are you doing here? You’re a tiger, not a sheep. But the little tiger cub just looked up at him and opened his mouth and gave a little meow.

Well, the big tiger grabbed that little cub by the scruff and took him over to the lake and shoved his face over the water and said, there, look at your reflection – you’re a tiger, not a sheep! But still the little tiger cub didn’t believe him.

So the big tiger slayed one of the sheep and took a big chunk of raw meat and shoved it down the little tiger’s throat. The little tiger choked and gagged on it, as all do on the Truth, but sure enough, he swallowed it down. And then a little more. And a little more. And pretty soon, his meek little sheep-like meow turned into a mighty roar as he got bigger and stronger and became who he really was – a tiger.

The lesson we learn here is that we are all tigers being fed like sheep in this manufactured world around us. We’re fed things by corporate America to keep us humble and keep us meek and keep us always wanting more and to keep us feeling like we’re not enough. We’re fed like sheep to keep the illusion of separateness, because then we can be conditioned to respond in a certain, predictable way.

But the Truth is that if we can choke down a little bit of food for tigers, we soon grow into those big, powerful beings that we were always meant to be. All this bullshit about borders and money and religion and race and social class is meant to be a distraction to keep you small, keep you scared, and prevent you from forming deep connections with other human beings.

Try choking down a little Truth now and then, and see what happens.