We had a snow day! Finally! If I recall correctly, the last time my son had a snow day from school was 2 years ago when he was in first grade. Last year, the winter was so mild that the school had to tack on all those unused snow days to the end of the year, so the kids had nearly a full week off around Memorial Day, and then they had every Friday off for a month. It was insanity.

Fortunately, Mother Nature came to her senses and blessed us with a beautiful winter storm today! I took my camera and went outside to grab a few shots before my son and I had an epic snowball fight around the backyard…


The box elder tree near the old fire pit.


The swing under the box elder tree.


Looking skyward through the branches of the beautiful box elder.


Looking out at the meditation spiral in the backyard.


The stone Buddha in contemplation under his warm blanket of snow.

The next morning, the sky was beautifully surreal as I made my breakfast. As I watched the sunrise, I realized that I had to boot up and suit up and run out to the driveway to get a shot as the light spread over the mountains…


What’s it doing in your world?