I love reading Tarot cards. There’s no question. I love the feeling of being that channel for messages from Spirit, and I love it even more when my readings are a service to the people who come to me looking for answers or information. I started reading mostly for myself, as a way to re-learn how to connect with my intuition. But when I started reading for others, I realized the healing value of the messages I was channeling.

But. If you’re a budding Tarot enthusiast, there are a few reasons why you might want to re-think your Tarot path…

  1. You need more than one deck. It’s just like anything else – fibers, beads, craft supplies, chickens… Once you get hooked on your first Tarot deck, you’re going to want more. And I’m not even talking about just the Rider-Waite deck. There’s the Animal Totem Tarot, the Robin Wood Tarot, the Hansen-Roberts Tarot. Then you get into some of the meatier decks, like the 5th Element Tarot, and the Shadowscapes Tarot, and the Mary-el Tarot. Yeah, just clear out that bookcase next to your desk, because you could easily fill up that fucker with Tarot decks. (I haven’t even mentioned the other Oracle decks I have that fill up my bookcase.)
  2. Tarot toys. So, see, once you have all these amazing decks? You’ll want beautiful hand-embroidered and hand-sewn and hand-loomed bags to store them in, wood boxes and leather pouches, silk printed Tarot cloths…. Just a quick search on Etsy for “Tarot” should give you an idea of what I’m talking about.
  3. Deeper intuition. Sure, intuition is great and all, but then you have to actually listen to it. Because, really, what’s the point of being able to tap into the universal energy or the unified field if you just ignore it? And hey, who needs the ability to quiet their minds? I mean, we’re all just wallowing in inner peace these days, aren’t we?
  4. Increased awareness. Sometimes, it’s wonderful to be awake, isn’t it? The colors are brighter, and the world is beautiful, and…oh fuck, look at this shit we have right here. With increased awareness that comes from reading Tarot, you’re going to be questioning everything. And sometimes, it ain’t pretty. You’re going to start questioning things like…grocery stores. 8 hour workdays. Gasoline engines. Factory farming. I mean, everything. It’s not for everyone – it’s very easy to feel as if you’ve gone straight down the damn rabbit hole.
  5. Better understanding of self. Holy hell, you ever hear about the amnesia that we are all born with in this lifetime? That shit is strong. We forget everything about ourselves once we start listening to societal expectations. But with the Tarot as a spiritual path, we can start to let all that external shit fall away and start to re-connect with our true nature. It’s like my sister once said to me, reading Tarot is like getting called out on your shit by a pack of cards. It’s eye-opening, for sure.

I’m sure I can think of a dozen more reasons why you just should absolutely not get into Tarot, but, hey, I’ll save those for later.

What do you think – why should we absolutely positively not get into Tarot?