Cool! You’ve just scored your first Tarot deck! Congratulations! Are you ready to get to know this deck a little better? Curious to find out what messages it holds for you? Are you ready to find out how this deck can enhance your current spiritual practice?

Getting a new Tarot deck is always so much fun, and for me, a big part of the fun is getting to know the deck. There are some decks that just fall into my hand and feel good there right away. Then there are others that are a wee bit shy, and need some coaxing before they’re reveal their secrets and energy to me.

No matter how you get to know your deck, check out these 5 fun ways to get to know your new deck:

  1. Carry your deck with you everywhere you go for a few days. This is a great way for you to form a bond with your new deck. The cards will pick up on your energy, and you’ll start feeling more comfortable with your new deck. Sometimes, I’ll put the deck on my bedside table for a few nights.
  2. Slip a card under your pillow for some dream magic. Setting intentions for lucid dreaming or shamanic dreaming? Take a Tarot card – maybe a major arcana card? – and slip it under your pillow with a piece of celestite, amethyst, or red jasper and see what kinds of dreams you have!
  3. Do the deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot – I looooooooove this spread! So helpful and insightful!
  4. Meditate on the cards. Keep a journal, and every day, look at a different card before you shuffle it back into the deck. Jot down any impressions, images, or sensations that arise while you’re meditating on the card.
  5. Split your deck into piles: In the first pile, put all the Aces of the pip cards. (The four suits: Pentacles, Wands, Swords, and Cups.) in the second pile, put all of the Court cards. (Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages.) In the third pile, put all the Major Arcana cards. In the last pile, put the remaining pip cards. Sort through each pile with your journal and take note of what images you like the best, which images you like the least, and any impressions that jump out at you. When you’re done, shuffle the cards back together before you do any other readings.

You might take your deck shopping for a new gemstone to use during your readings, or maybe a new Tarot deck bag or pouch to store your cards in when you’re not using them.

Getting to know your deck using some of these ideas is also a great way to figure out whether or not you’re going to read reversals – some decks just naturally lend themselves to reversed cards easier than others!

How do you get to know your decks? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!