My Facebook feed has literally blown up in the last 2 months since the election of a certain orangefaced cokehead fuckwit here in the US. People are freaking out. And with good reason – this election has finally exposed the raw, ugly underbelly of the “polite society” that Conservatives have been droning on and on about for the last forty years. Well, now we’ve seen up close and personal what we need to heal as a society, and it sure as hell ain’t pretty.

One of the comedians that I follow posted something on Facebook the other day that asked, “How are you going to spend your last day of democracy in this country before the inauguration?” People were responding with things like getting drunk, getting high, jumping off of bridges, yadda yadda yadda. It was as if everyone with half a brain in cyberspace here was getting ready to wail and render their garments at noon.

Well, let me tell ya how I’m spending “the last day of democracy” and the weekend following:

I’m teaching kid’s yoga.

I’m teaching a group of amazing adults how to be yoga teachers.

I’m doing Tarot card readings.

I’m taking my kid to a play date with his best friend.

I’m walking in the meditation spiral in my backyard.

I’m cooking healthy food to nourish me and heal this fucking nasty cold that I seem to have come down with.

While millions of women (and men) are marching in protest around the country, I will certainly be sending my energy towards those gatherings. But my contribution to the world won’t be through protest signs and marches – my contribution will be through spreading as much love and positive energy as I can through my chosen spiritual practices. Yoga. Tarot. Meditation.

And the kids. The kids are important here. We need to show our kids how to be strong, resilient, and peaceful. We need to exemplify the way to live with love for our kids. If anything, we need to ask ourselves, “How do I live with heart?” and answer that question for our children. This is why I teach kid’s yoga – not just because I have fun working with the kids and I love their energy, but also because our kids need to know how to stay true to themselves.

So even if you can’t join a local protest march or go to D.C. to join the women’s march, there are still plenty of things you can do at home to send your energy out into the world. Do them.

What positive energy are YOU putting out into the world this weekend?