So, this week has been kind of a shitshow. Yeah, it was weird. I had a wicked migraine on Tuesday, which was great because we also had a wild storm blow through our area, dumping a ton of snow on half the Adirondacks, and leaving a sloppy dangerous mix of ice and sleet on my half of the mountains. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, I started fighting off the nasty cold and sore throat that has been sweeping through school. Just when I thought we weren’t going to get sick this winter…ta-daaaaaaa! Sore throat so bad that my ears hurt, and I spent most of the night looking to get relief from my cough and post nasal drip instead of, you know, sleeping.

BUT…today seems like as good a day as any to post the Tarot Tuesday reading I did for myself while I finally get the readings sent out to the lucky folks who received a free reading on my FB page earlier this week! Without further delay, here it is…


This week, I decided to focus on The World. In the Tarot, The World card symbolizes a completion, success – a cycle ended, and a new one ready to begin. Creating The World doesn’t come without some hard work. In the Animal Totem Tarot, The World is symbolized by an atoll, an island created from cycles of violent volcanic activity and slow growth. The World reminds us that growth is a never-ending cycle, and even though we might feel like we’re at the “top of our game”, there’s always room for us to go a little deeper. The big takeaway? Don’t be complacent: allow yourself to continue the creative cycle.

So, for these 3 cards that I pulled for myself to accompany The World, we have:

Card 1: What kind of a world are you trying to create for yourself? The Magician.

Well, there I am. This was so spot-on for me – lately, I am that fox, sticking her nose into every single damn hole she comes across. What’s in here? Do I want to go down there? Is this hole empty? Or maybe there’s something yummy to eat down there? Yeah, the fox sticks her nose into everything, never leaving anything unexplored. Here, we see the fox as The Magician – harnessing the power of the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air) to create magic and manifest. And I’ve certainly been working my ass off at manifesting lately! The Magician came up to remind me that I’m trying to create that sense of magic in my life, where things flow effortlessly, and I can indulge in my curiosity.

Card 2: What’s standing in your way? Queen of Wands.

Well, fuck, there I am again. What’s standing in my way? Why am I struggling so much and working my ass off to manifest? The Queen of Wands. Now, the lioness in this card is quietly confident. All she has to do is sit there, and you can feel her power radiating from her, can’t you? The Queen of Wands can go either way, here – it can mean that I’m letting my ego get in the way of the good work I want to do, or it can mean that I don’t have enough confidence in myself. In this case, I’m feeling like it’s the later and not the former. I need to give myself a boost in confidence so that I can just quietly let myself shine. (You don’t know anybody else like that, do you? I didn’t think so.)

Card 3: How to remove this block? 8 of Cups.

Damn it all, again. The 8 of Cups. Swimming upstream. You see how that salmon moves like that? The salmon doesn’t question it when she turns her back on the flow of the river – she just knows that this is the right way to go. She knows that she must go upstream for the survival of the species. (And let’s not read too much into this, especially considering what’s happening down in Washington D.C. today, but…I’m just gonna throw it out there.) In order for me to move forward with this manifesting, I have got to turn my back on everything that I have been conditioned with. Everything that doesn’t feel right to me needs to go, needs to fall away so that I can move forward…for the survival of the species. Sounds a bit dramatic? Well, maybe. But considering the times we live in, I think the message is relevant for a lot of us lately.

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