Yeah, it’s a pretty crazy idea, right? But my dear friend, mentor, and teacher Debbie Philp said to me a few months ago, “How can you combine the two things you love: Tarot and yoga?”

Well, geez. How the hell could I do that? I mean, Tarot cards are one thing, and yoga is something completely different, right? There’s no way to combine those two things into a single workshop. Or so I thought.

Then it struck me. The four elements of the pip cards: earth, water, fire, and air. Those are the same energies that we’re stirring up in our bodies when we practice yoga asana. We move from the ground up in a practice of yoga asana, spending time getting grounded, then tapping in to our emotions and how we’re feeling; getting fired up; and then finally getting to a place of rest and maybe even feeling a little more spiritually lighter by the end of practice.

Learning how to read the Tarot cards effectively means learning about these four elements and how they relate to the life lessons spelled out in the cards. We can learn the story of the Fool’s Journey by using it as a guided meditation…all of a sudden, there are lots of things that Tarot and yoga have in common!

So on Saturday, January 28 at 10:00 a.m., I’ll be teaching Elemental Tarot and Yoga: A Journey Through the Four Elements at True North Yoga in Schroon Lake, N.Y. This workshop is great for everyone who is curious about yoga, curious about Tarot, or preferably both. (Ha!) Just $20 per person, and participants are encouraged to bring their favorite deck of Tarot cards so we can work with them before and after the asana practice. For more information and to register, contact True North Yoga.

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