I’m no millionaire, but I love to window shop for fun and beautiful and useful Tarot goodies on Etsy. I’m always amazed at the ways that people find to weave Tarot into art and design, and into their daily lives. Check out my fun Etsy Tarot finds for today!

  1. This leather Tarot deck box is just divine! From a shop in Poland that has loads of other gorgeous ways to store your deck. I don’t know why, there’s just something so luxurious about a handmade leather Tarot deck box that sends shivers up my spine. Yum.
  2. Why not splurge on a personalized Tarot journal? Put your name or your business name on the cover, choose from one of the beautiful designs listed in the shop, or upload your own design!
  3. In light of all the deep healing that’s needed in the world, I totally love this flowy tank featuring The Moon. Perfect for yoga, and she’s got lots of other awesome designs available.
  4. What’s not to love about this mini leather pouch necklace with a complete mini Tarot deck? Those itty bitty Rider-Waite Tarot cards just make me wanna squee!
  5. Stickers! I love stickers – especially little tiny Tarot stickers that you can color yourself! (She’s also got print-your-own stickers for true instant gratification.)
  6. I love the beautiful combination of Tarot and runes in this handcrafted wooden box. Yum, this might be the next big splurge I get for myself.
  7. Want to start a Tarot journal not sure where to start? This lovely print-your-own Tarot journal has lots of pages to guide you. Dig into your creative side and embellish the pages with doodles, stickers, decorative tape, whatever!

Somehow, Mondays seem a little brighter with some Tarot window shopping. Got a favorite Tarot find on Etsy? Share the link in the comments for all of us!