OMG, don’t freak out! It’s Tarot Tuesday, and I’m going to do readings for people using the Death card in the Tarot!

No, this isn’t the place where I predict the date, time, and manner of demise for 5 lucky (?) people, but instead, drawing on the wisdom of endings and new beginnings. Shamanic practitioner Christina Pratt pointed out in a recent podcast that we have such a hard time with the concept of death in our society. We can’t let things die, whether it’s a job or a relationship or a belief or a situation. And really, the only way that we can grow and evolve as spiritual beings is to allow those old things that no longer serve us to die so that we can bury them, process and integrate the experience, and then move on to new and better things.

So, here it is: this is my own reading using the Death card from the Animal Totem tarot by Leeza Robertson. (More about this deck coming soon – I freaking LOVE it for so many reasons!)

The Death Card

Ever see that movie, The Red Violin? Where the pregnant lady in 1400s Venice is getting her cards read and the Tarot reader turns up – dunh dunh DUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNH – the Death card? Y’all can guess what happens from there, right? Well, that’s Hollywood for ya, and while there are many things that are accurately reflected in the media, the Death card is one that is not.

The Death card is not about our actual, physical death. It’s about transformation. Letting go. Facing our fears and letting them drop away when they no longer serve us. It is about allowing ourselves to have the experience of profound transformation, both within ourselves and then in our outer manifestations. In the Major Arcana, The Fool encounters Death as a way of letting go of his old beliefs and making space for new encounters and new experiences.

Death is about finding the strength and the will to process our life lessons and then let them go. We bury them deep where they can be broken down and churned into new, fertile soil. You can’t grow something new in the ground when you still have all of last year’s dead, broken, rotting plants on top, right? So it is with the Death card – Death asks us to release all that stuff and use it as food or fuel to grow new things.

When my nearly-9-year-old son saw this card, he paused for a moment. Then he said, “Mommy, that card is just BRUTAL.” Right? Sure, it’s a little scary to let this stuff go. I held on to a job for years that I really actually didn’t enjoy, a job that sucked my soul dry with it’s toxic work environment, unrealistic deadlines and demands, and corporate bullshit. When I was finally let go from that job, I “went under” and spent a winter in spiritual solitude, trying to process what had happened and being terrified of trying to figure out what the future held for me. (It wasn’t pretty, trust me.)

But when we use the Tarot to gain insight on the energy surrounding these deaths, we find that we actually have the tools and resources necessary to move on and grow in that fertile ground we’ve created for ourselves!

3 Card Tarot Spread Using the Death Card

So here, I created a simple quick-n-dirty 3-card Tarot spread using the Death Card as a way to give myself some insight on what I need to let die, what resources I can draw on to help me do it, and what I will be creating space for in the future. Exciting stuff, right? Just wait until you see what cards came up for me…

Card 1: 2 of Wands

I have been sitting on my fucking hands for two long, this card tells me. I have to let go of the plans I made when it comes to what my soul truly desires, and what it wants for me. The 2 of Wands here is telling me that it’s time for me to let go of the idea that I have to have the perfect plan for every single little fucking thing (thanks to my Virgo rising) before I move. It’s telling me that this old way of thinking needs to die if I’m going to move forward! Now that’s not to say that there hasn’t been value in writing up business plans and marketing plans until I’m blue in the face and my fingers are numb – it’s just you can write a zillion plans that will do you absolutely no good until you start putting them into action. BOOM!

Card 2: Judgement

What resources can I draw on to help me let this thing die? Well, I can certainly use my newly-redesigned judgements about myself and my life. This is so painfully relevant right now, as some journaling yesterday revealed that I’ve been judging myself and my endeavors by comparing what I do to what everybody else around me does. I’ve been telling myself that I’m not good enough to do what they do, and that if I do something that somebody else I know already does, I’m just being inauthentic and childish because I can’t find something of my own.

Well, eff that. If I’m going to let this thing die, I need to let go of those old judgements and draw on some new ideas about myself and my gifts and how I offer them to the world!

Card 3: 9 of Pentacles

Fucking Pentacles. I’ve been surrounded by fucking Pentacles again, as they relate to money and career. But this is what I’m going to make space for in my life by allowing these old things to die – a new way of life where I’m independent, surrounded by financial abundance, and being able to truly appreciate all these wonderful gifts. The Tortoise here represents the patience needed to build and enjoy wealth. Tortoise has been a spirit animal for me as long as I can remember, popping up in places to let me know that I am indeed on the right path!

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Special super-duper thanks to Jenny Jean Moize of 3rd Eye Open Rocks and Cindy Turcotte for the goodies in today’s picture! More about that beautiful Animal Totem Tarot coming soon!