Every Tuesday, I host a little event on my Facebook page called Tarot Tuesday. I post a pretty picture of some Tarot cards and some of my energy tools like gemstones, wands, candles, and jewelry, and then I open it up: the first 5 people to comment get a free 3-card Tarot reading. Fun, right?

It always amazes me how quickly people comment on the post to get free Tarot card readings online. In a matter of seconds, people are lined up and ready! A friend laughed and told me it was a good indication that this is the kind of thing that the world needs right now – a way for us to create positive change and empowerment within ourselves so we can create the positive change we need to make in the world around us. So, obviously, it’s a good thing for the people who comment.

But it’s really good for me, too, in that it gives me the chance to practice my craft and hone my intuitive skills. Reading for different people at a distance is a whole different animal than reading for someone in-person. Doing these free Tarot card readings online lets me sharpen my skills and gives me a way to practice that trust of my intuition that is so vital to doing clear and beneficial readings.

When I have a new oracle deck or Tarot deck that I want to get some practice with, I can always use it to offer the free readings. It’s simple (just 3 cards per reading), quick, and it lets me really get the feel for what it’s like to use the deck to read for others. (Of course, reading for yourself is always a good way to get to know your Tarot deck, too! Or you can do this really cool Tarot Deck Interview that I found on Little Red Tarot.)

Another reason I love doing it? It just makes me feel good. Really, it’s almost like the feeling I get while giving or receiving Reiki – when I’m finished with my Tarot readings, I feel calm and clear and energized. Slightly buzzed, maybe? And if I happen to get too carried away with my head in the clouds, I can always come down by nibbling on a bit of good dark chocolate. (Tarot and chocolate – everybody wins!)

For tomorrow’s Tarot Tuesday, I’m going to have a special bonus! Make sure you follow me on Facebook so you can comment on my posts, because this Tuesday, January 3, 2017, my dear friend and fellow energy worker Margaret Waterhouse of Infinite Spirit Wellness will be offering a free intuitive clairvoyant reading to everyone who gets a Tarot reading! The Tarot Tuesday post can come at any time during the day, so stay tuned for updates. (Not that I want you sitting around staring at a screen all day, but yeah, there it is.)

Are you an aspiring Tarot reader? Try giving away free Tarot readings on your website, blog, or Facebook page! After all, the more we practice, the better we get at trusting our intuition. Got a great story about a reading you had done online or a Tarot reading you did online? Share your story with me – I’d love to hear it!