Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always got a pocket full of rocks. When I go to a yoga class or teach, the little pile of gemstones comes out and sits on one corner of my yoga mat. Hell, I’ve even been known to line them up across the top of my yoga mat like a little altar while I practice.

So, yeah, I’m pretty much a gemstone rockhound, and I’ve always been drawn to gemstones and their healing properties (as well as their pretty colors). I blame my friend Margaret for this – during my first yoga teacher training, she brought out some irresistible gemstone specimens for her guided meditation project. Then, for my 40th birthday, she gave me a copy of Love Is In the Earth by Melody, a HUGE gemstone encyclopedia with all the names and properties and uses for literally thousands of gemstones! (Our dog Moose helpfully tried to remove the cover and first few chapters for me, but hey, the book still works.)


And with all the wacky energy floating around lately, I thought it couldn’t hurt to share the stones I’ve been carrying in my pocket lately. Not only are they beautiful, it’s so soothing to me to be able to slip my hand into my pocket and rub them between my fingers during stressful moments or just as a reminder to come back to the present.


  1. Rose Quartz. Yep, this one has been a favorite of mine all year. Rose quartz emits a soft, gentle, but powerful sensation of love. It helps to open the heart chakra and teaches us how to act, think, and speak from a place of love. It’s particularly useful for those of us who are working on cultivating self-love. Lately when I reach for a couple of tumbled stones to put in my pocket for the day, I almost always reach for a piece of rose quartz. Wear rose quartz at the heart chakra to draw in and breathe out loving kindness to the whole world!


2. Blue Sodalite. A recent favorite of mine, blue sodalite is all about communication and emotions. It works on the 2nd and 5th chakras to help you communicate your emotions gently and effectively. It’s also a fab stone for people who work with groups or create communities. Let’s face it, we all need to work on creating and strengthening communities these days! Loving and gentle communication is something we all need more of these days, so I would highly recommend carrying a little polished blue sodalite in your pocket to help you make those loving connections with other people.


3. Apache Tear. This little black piece of volcanic obsidian is a great to absorb negative energy and help us process grief. Really, everyone I know with more than an ounce of common sense in them has been feeling some kind of grief since the beginning of November. But the time has come for us to deal with that grief and step into our power as compassionate human beings. Like any black gemstone, Apache tear will help us process and release our grief so we can move on and fight like hell for our planet and our fellow human beings.


4. Bloodstone (Heliotrope). What do I love most about this stone? I think it’s the combination of deep red (associated with the root chakra) and deep forest green (associated with the heart chakra). Just thinking about those two colors and their associations with the energy centers in the body should tell you straight away what this gemstone is good for: safety and heart-opening. It’s known as a stone of courage. Wearing or meditating with bloodstone can help you demonstrate unselfishness and idealism, two qualities we need to see more of in the world! Bloodstone also helps us to advance and improve our talents and abilities so we can bring these gifts into the world and share them with others. When it comes to creating a safe place for us to be our natural, shining selves, this is my go-to gemstone for metaphysical healing.


5. Black Tourmaline. And one more of my favorite black gemstones to add to my list for 2017. (Can ya tell I’m really all about absorbing and clearing this negative shit floating around?) Black tourmaline is a fabulous healing stone, and it’s used in a lot shamanic rituals and ceremonies for protection. Anyone experiencing anxiety over recent current events would be wise to carry a little chunk of this in your pocket, wear it near your heart, or, as one friend does, place a HUGE chunk of it on the counter of your store near the cash register to ward off the negative Nellies. For more of that “I’m safe, it’s safe for me to be here” energy, stick a little chunk of black tourmaline in your pocket. Black tourmaline is another one of those stones that helps to awaken a sense of creative altruism – how can we best help and be of service to others? I use black tourmaline in my Reiki practice to help loosen and remove energy blocks. Lucky me, a friend just sent me a whole half pound of beautiful rough black tourmaline chunks for my altar space and to carry in my pockets this winter!

Got a pocket full of stones? What gemstones do you carry around with you? Share your recommendations and favorites with us!