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January 2017

Tarot Tuesday: Do You Always Have to Read Tarot Cards in a Spread?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of Tarot spreads out there? Seriously, just go to Pinterest or Google images and type in, "Tarot spread" or "Tarot card spread" and prepare to get sucked down that rabbit hole... Continue Reading →

Tarot Deck Interview: The Animal Totem Tarot

A few weeks ago, I posted about receiving the beautiful Animal Totem Tarot Deck from a friend, and because I wanted to get to know it a little better, I went ahead and did the deck interview spread by Beth... Continue Reading →

Getting To Know Your Tarot Deck: The Cards Of the Tarot

Holy cow, things have been moving fast here! This week has been a total blur... Between nursing myself through a wicked bad virus that gave me a terrible sore throat, congestion, a cough, and exhaustion, getting through a weekend of... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My World: SNOW DAY!

We had a snow day! Finally! If I recall correctly, the last time my son had a snow day from school was 2 years ago when he was in first grade. Last year, the winter was so mild that the... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons NOT to Get Into Tarot

I love reading Tarot cards. There's no question. I love the feeling of being that channel for messages from Spirit, and I love it even more when my readings are a service to the people who come to me looking... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Get To Know Your New Tarot Deck

Cool! You've just scored your first Tarot deck! Congratulations! Are you ready to get to know this deck a little better? Curious to find out what messages it holds for you? Are you ready to find out how this deck... Continue Reading →

Tarot Tuesday: Better Late Than Never

So, this week has been kind of a shitshow. Yeah, it was weird. I had a wicked migraine on Tuesday, which was great because we also had a wild storm blow through our area, dumping a ton of snow on... Continue Reading →

WTFriday: Resist

My Facebook feed has literally blown up in the last 2 months since the election of a certain orangefaced cokehead fuckwit here in the US. People are freaking out. And with good reason - this election has finally exposed the... Continue Reading →

How to Read Tarot Cards: Can You Read the Tarot Wrong?

This is something I hear from a lot of people, and something that I often wondered myself as I first started learning how to read Tarot cards. Can you read the Tarot wrong? Here's the short answer: No. Here's the... Continue Reading →

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