Whew, this year has been a fucking doozy, hasn’t it? Avalanche of beloved celebrity deaths aside, there has been a whole lot of shifting this year for many of us. Old and outmoded attitudes and beliefs about ourselves have fallen away, and if you’re like me, you’re ready to start 2017 with a brand-new clean slate. Moving forward is always easier when you clear aside all the old stuff and have a clear path in front of us.

Energetically speaking, this is a great time to clear out old and stagnant energy from your home or business. Actually, any time is a good time for doing this, but most of as choose to start fresh with the new year – new calendar, new plans, new goals and visions, and best of all, new energy!

My plans for New Year’s Eve this year include a major overhaul of my space: I’m going to be bagging up and boxing loads of stuff from my old life so they can be donated or disposed of. I’ve already started burning papers that I don’t need anymore. I’ve been removing items from my closet that haven’t been worn in over three years. My son has been helping us by getting rid of toys he doesn’t want anymore for us to donate to the local thrift shop. And on New Year’s Day, we’re going to open a few windows (so we don’t set off the super-sensitive hardwired smoke detectors) so I can smudge and Reiki our entire house.

A few recent studies have proven scientifically that smudging with sage actually kills bacteria in the air. Smudging has long been used in energy work and shamanic rituals to clear out old energy and cleanse. You can actually feel it in the air when something has been smudged – things feel lighter and clear, like they’ve been given a good power washing. Setting intentions before and after smudging is also a fantastically powerful way to help release old unwanted or unneeded energy and make way for a fresh start.

Can I help you smudge and clear the energy in your home? As part of my new services for 2017, I’ll be offering energy work for your space: smudging and Reiki to help “clear the air” in your home or business. Energy clearing for your home is such an important part of creating a welcoming, comfortable place where we can rest and re-connect with one another – why not contact me to find out how I can help?

When you turn the calendar over this weekend, what are you hoping to bring in for 2017?