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December 2016

Clearing the Air: Smudging As a Fresh Start to 2017

Whew, this year has been a fucking doozy, hasn't it? Avalanche of beloved celebrity deaths aside, there has been a whole lot of shifting this year for many of us. Old and outmoded attitudes and beliefs about ourselves have fallen... Continue Reading →

The Story of My First Oracle Deck

For most of my life, I had practiced some kind of spiritual magic. I had been lucid dreaming since I was very young - I can remember my first lucid dream at the age of 9. I had loved the... Continue Reading →

How to Read Tarot: Why I Don’t Read “By the Book”

Pretty much every Tarot deck out there comes with what is called "the little white book", a handy reference printed on white paper that includes the meanings of the upright and reversed Tarot cards in the deck. For some people... Continue Reading →

A Dream Story

A couple of months ago, when my husband was having a hard time dealing with another bout of gout, I gave him a gemstone. Nuummite, an ancient volcanic stone that's good for energetically cleansing the filtration systems in the body,... Continue Reading →

Give One, Get One This Holiday

We all know how great it feels to give a special gift for the holidays, right? And it feels just as good to receive something that you know has a lot of thought and love behind it. So that's why... Continue Reading →

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