This afternoon, I took my wares from Laughing Lotus Jewelry and set up at a holiday boutique at a local spiritual center. I haven’t done a little boutique like that in a long time, and I had forgotten how much fun they can be! (Honestly, I can’t ever remember having that much fun when I sold my beadwork. I mean, this afternoon? Was AWESOME.)

There was another vendor set up to my right, and I don’t think I ever got her name or formally introduced myself to her, but on her table was a selection of natural handmade wands made by RA Moonhawk. Whenever there was a little lull in the crowd, I had this particular wand in my hand:


I couldn’t put it down. It just felt so right there in my fingers, light but substantial, and when I realized that the top piece was a hip bone, it confirmed my intuition. The woman selling them also said it – she asked if I had chronic pain in my body, and I told her that yes, I’d had chronic pain on and off in my left hip for four or five years now.

At the end of the show when it was just us vendors bartering and shopping with each other, we bartered for this wand. And it’s just perfect.

So, what is a wand? A wand is a means for moving energy. Each component of the wand has its own properties, and the wand takes the qualities and energy of each component and creates a transformational tool with its own unique energy. When you hold and use a wand, you add your own essence and intention for directing these combined energies for whatever work is needed.

Many people use wands for energy work, Reiki, or healing. Wands can be used for clearing attachments, smudging (similar to using burning herbs like sage or palo santo), dream work, or astral travel.

A good wand is like your own personal assistant – they appear to help you work on whatever it is that you need to change, shift, or clear in your life.

This wand was created using a good-sized chunk of golden healer quartzite (on the bottom of the wand), a piece of cholla cactus wood, and a fossil horse hip bone on top. The tag from the artist noted that it was created with the intentions of: letting go of unnecessary responsibility, cooperation, tact (like I need help with tact!), past life work, telepathy, and to clear and align the chakras during healing work.

I was shown how to use this particular wand: the rough edge of the golden healer quartzite can be waved over the parts of your body like the soles of the feet or the arms or the torso to help you release anything you might have picked up during the day, or to clear away any attachments you no longer need. Then you flip it over, and take the smooth bone end and move it up and down the whole body to smooth out the energy, the same way you would move a burning stick of sage around the body to clear and cleanse the energy. You can use the wand to remove pain or stuck energy by moving it counter-clockwise over the part of the body that is experiencing pain, and then shaking it out to release the energy. Then to soothe and start the healing process, you move the wand in a clockwise direction over the same part of the body.

As I’ve been doing more work this year with my dreams and lucid dreaming in particular, I’m going to tuck this baby under my pillow tonight and see what happens.

Have you ever used a wand in your energy work or Reiki healing, or for magic? Share your stories with me, please! I’m looking forward to sharing more stories about my wand as I use it and get to know it better.