So, like most of the world, I followed the news of the 2016 US Presidential election with great trepidation. My husband and I watched the first returns come in that evening, and then finally when we couldn’t stand it anymore, we went to bed.

Before I turned in for what turned out to be a very restless night, I grabbed my deck and held it close to my heart. I asked it, “Who will win tonight’s election?” with the intention that if the card I drew had a man on it, it would not be Hillary Clinton as our next president.

The card I received was…the 5 of Swords.

Well, fuck.

Like many of my fellow energy-sensitive beings, I popped awake a little after 3 in the morning on Wednesday – the time that the election results were called.

The next morning, I sat with my Tarot cards and tried to make sense of what the hell had just happened. This is the reading I got:


Let’s take a look at this more in-depth….

The card at the top center is the 5 of Swords, the card I pulled on election night. Remember that the swords are all about our thoughts and our ego-mind. It certainly couldn’t have been a more appropriate card to pull to symbolize a Trump win: winning by treachery and deceit. Tension and conflict. It’s also sometimes viewed as a warning against continuing the fight after the battle is over: in this case, I see that as some desperate attempts to try to get Hillary into office, even though the electoral college will clearly be in Trump’s favor. (Gag, barf.)

On the outside of the spread we have the 2 of Wands and the 2 of Pentacles, both reversed. Wands are about our desires and our souls, and the pentacles are about our earthly existence. In this case, these two cards have appeared to tell us about misplaced trust and a lack of balance in the world. Certainly, this election has tipped an energetic balance of some sort over to the shadow side, and indicates a need for us to work our way back to achieving some kind of equilibrium.

Anyone who has placed their vote (and their trust) in the candidate-elect (I can’t bring myself to type his name here) will most certainly find that they are going to be betrayed by the policies and actions of this administration. These cards have showed us where the work towards healing needs to begin: balancing out the hate with love, balancing out the shock when the betrayal happens by providing safe space for others, regardless of who they are or what they need.

Below the 5 of Swords we have the Page of Cups and the Queen of Cups, both reversed. Cups deal with our emotions and our emotional body – certainly right now, there is a lack of good news and a general feeling of a lack of respect for women with the outcome of this election. Reversed cards can very often indicate a block in energy, and in this case, we’re talking about some major blocks in respect for the divine feminine and the Goddess. (Grab ’em by the pussy? Go figure.) The healing energy that needs to happen here is all about healing our emotions, and cultivating a relationship with the divine feminine. Whether you go for a healing walk out in Mother Nature or do some meditation to reclaim your inner goddess, this is the time to do it.

Finally, the last two cards in this reading indicate further steps that we need to take to heal after this election. The King of Cups is about more emotions, and in this case, indicates a gentle man who is in touch with his emotions. More of the healing energy that we need to bring in to our world – and maybe it’s because I’m the mother of a little boy, but I’m interpreting this card to mean that we need to create a safe space for our men, too, to allow them to grow and feel comfortable with their emotions. Last of all, we find the Knight of Swords. And again, back to our ego mind and our monkey mind thoughts that are quite capable of “taking us for a ride”, we need to do what we can to prevent ourselves from getting carried away by our thoughts. The ego can do just as much harm as good, and this is an indication that we need to really sit down and go within to examine our thoughts about the emotions that have been brought up in the last year if we are going to heal any of this crap that has been exposed.

Yes, right now, everything feels like a big open wound. But wounds heal, and we have the ability to heal these wounds for ourselves. Looking to the wisdom of the energy reflected in these cards, we can find steps to take to move forward and be supportive of our friends who feel threatened or afraid during these next 4 years.

What are YOU going to bring to the world to help heal after this election cycle? Please leave a comment and give voice to your intentions for bringing healing to the world!