Every Tuesday, I offer a chance to get a free 3-card reading on my personal Facebook page. And sometimes in the course of these readings, no matter how often or how well I shuffle the deck, I end up with the same card showing up again and again.

Dakota Walker, the shaman that I’ve been working with this year, told us that when we do intuitive work for others, that there are always going to be messages for us in there, too. So what happens when The Fool shows up in half the readings I do in one day? I stop and pay attention. (And maybe write a blog about it, too.)

The Fool. Forget everything you know about this card for a moment. What’s your gut reaction when you see this card? Is this the face of sweet innocence, or willful ignorance? Don’t forget that when we’re interpreting the energy of the Tarot cards, there are really no hard and fast rules – we’re relying on intuition to tell us what we need to know.

When I see the Fool, I start looking at the images in the card. The Fool carries a white rose – a sign of innocence and purity. He as a small bag of possessions on his walking stick, meaning he travels light and doesn’t worry much about material things. He’s looking up at the sky, head in the clouds, as he’s about to step off into the unknown.

The Fool knows that the real reward lies in the journey itself, and not necessarily in the destination at the end. The wisdom of The Fool is that he knows nothing, but is open to everything. He may not be paying attention to where he is going, but he might not necessarily be stepping off a steep cliff – for all he knows, it might be a simple, soft landing underneath him. He has enough faith to trust the outcome of whatever happens.

Sometimes, the Fool comes up as a warning to us, particularly in the areas of new beginnings: it indicates a need to ask ourselves what we’re overlooking in our delight with this new start.

If the Fool comes up reversed, it can mean that we’re acting out because we don’t know any better. It can tell us when we’re not fully present with what’s happening, or that we are not really conscious of our motivation. The Fool reversed can also mean that we’re feeling hesitation about taking a particular course of action, so it would be wise to contemplate where that hesitation comes from.

Do you feel a strong connection with the energy of the Fool this week? Maybe it’s time to do a little meditation and journaling. Sort through your deck and remove the Fool, placing it in front of you. Focus on the card, the images, and the impressions that you get. (Or if you don’t have a deck, use the image in this blog.) Spend some time focusing on taking a few deep cleansing breaths, and then get out a paper and pen and start to write. If you need  a prompt, you can start by completing one or all of these sentences:

  • I do not know….
  • I am beginning to…
  • I trust…
  • I am hesitating because…
  • I am open to…

Just start writing without judging and see what happens! I’m always delightfully surprised when the automatic writing switches on and my subconscious takes over.

Do you have any thoughts on The Fool that you’d like to share? Go ahead and leave a comment for me here!