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November 2016

The Magic Wand

This afternoon, I took my wares from Laughing Lotus Jewelry and set up at a holiday boutique at a local spiritual center. I haven't done a little boutique like that in a long time, and I had forgotten how much... Continue Reading →

Election 2016 in Tarot: What Happened, and How We Can Heal

So, like most of the world, I followed the news of the 2016 US Presidential election with great trepidation. My husband and I watched the first returns come in that evening, and then finally when we couldn't stand it anymore,... Continue Reading →

The Fool

Every Tuesday, I offer a chance to get a free 3-card reading on my personal Facebook page. And sometimes in the course of these readings, no matter how often or how well I shuffle the deck, I end up with... Continue Reading →

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