Anyone else ready to say goodbye to June? I sure as hell am. I know, it’s important work when things are difficult and you continue to show up day after day, but I’m ready for a break.

Enter the New Moon in Cancer this July 4. Woo-hoo! A dark night perfect for viewing fireworks, and since this New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, we’re talking about emotions running high and learning how to work through them and with them to create transformation. So let’s get down to it. Here are the cards I pulled when I asked what we need to know about what’s happening in this New Moon cycle…

New Moon in Cancer July 4 2016

  1. Where are we right now? Wheel of Fortune, Reversed

Yikes. Well, this certainly felt true to me. We are at the end of some tough times. The Wheel of Fortune, a major arcana card, represents life’s ups and downs, and when it’s reversed, it’s telling us that we’ve been through some pretty major shit this last cycle. The good news is that the energy of this card reversed means that we’re heading for an upswing, so hang in there!

2. What is blocking us? What do we need to let go of this cycle? King of Pentacles, Reversed

Well, well, well. These court cards tend to drive me crazy, but for this one, the message is loud and clear. Kings are about authority and taking control of our situation, and the suit of pentacles is in fact about earthly accomplishments and money. Was June a tough month for you financially? The energy from this card is telling me that we need to shift some attitudes about money here, more specifically, we need to let go of all the bullshit we tell ourselves about money. We need to move past letting money (or lack thereof) rule all our perceptions. And maybe it’s not just money – maybe it’s our perceptions of accomplishments, achievements, all that material stuff that we tend to place at the forefront of our lives. The message I’m getting here from this card is to practice appreciation for what we already have, trust ourselves when it comes to our own authority, and take control of our perceptions of wealth and abundance. Whew!

3. What intentions would be most helpful for us to set this New Moon cycle? The Tower, Reversed

So, wow. The Tower. Big things falling down. Sudden collapse of old ways of thinking, old belief patterns, and discovering that when we build a world around false perceptions, it’s all likely to come crumbling down pretty damn fast. You can’t deny that looking around at all the headlines and even the themes running through our personal lives that there are major shifts going on. People are waking up, and we’re seeing new ideas and beliefs evolving right before our eyes! When The Tower is reversed, it’s telling us that we all need to do our part to help clean up this mess, even if we’re not directly responsible. Even if you have a loving, open heart and practice compassion, we need to make sure that we’re directing that energy towards the world at large. Even (and some would say, especially) with the people or situations that drive us absolutely up the fucking wall…we gotta practice compassion. Compassion, always. This New Moon Cycle would be the perfect time to try the practice of metta meditation, and offer loving kindness up to the whole world.

4. What knowledge do we need to gain in the cultivation of these intentions? The Hermit

One of my favorite cards. The Hermit stands way above everything, at the top of his mountain, shining his light down below him. From this distance, The Hermit has perspective. He can understand his place in the world, and his message in this energy reading is that we need to remember that in the grand scheme of things, we are just itty bitty specks of stardust on the grand stage of the Universe. His message for us? Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that it’s ALL small stuff.

5. What positive energy can we look forward to in this New Moon Cycle? Page of Cups

As much as the court cards drive me crazy, I love the Page of Cups. Pages are messengers, and this page has brought us a message of loving creation. Look at the water behind the Page, and the beautiful little bird emerging from her cup! If we continue to show up and do our work, we can look forward to freeing ourselves from some pretty crazy karmic shit when it comes to emotions. Like that little bird, we’re going to find that our emotions are able to take flight and help us in creating the life of our dreams.


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Blessings and Love!