Here we are. A new moon. In Taurus, my favorite sign. Well, it’s my favorite sign because it’s my sign, being the earthy, stubborn, sensual bull that I am.

But this new moon comes with some weeeeeeeeeeeeeird energy, friends. Really. Even if you don’t think you’re energy sensitive, you can feel it, can’t you? There is some strange shit afoot. The past is coming back for Round 2 in some very unusual ways this last week or so, and it’s just going to keep getting weirder until Mercury goes direct again at the end of the month, so just hang on for the ride.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to the Mercury retrograde going on right now, there are 5 freaking planets in retrograde right now. 5! Which might explain why this happened this morning…

New Moon in Taurus May 5 2016


Out of the 5 cards I pulled for the reading, 4 were in the reverse position. Reversed Tarot cards often indicate a blockage of energy. They’re not necessarily “bad” when they come up reversed, they just present challenges to us. And don’t forget – we as humans have the power of free will to accept these challenges and rise above them. So, without further ado… Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Page of Cups reversedCard 1: Where are we right now? Page of Cups Reversed

Anyone else feeling a big creative block right now? I certainly am. For someone who prides herself on being a creative professional and always being able to earn her living through writing, crafting, creating, and art, these last couple of weeks have just felt like my creativity has dried up, taken a walk, taken a permanent vacation. This reversed Page of Cups may also make us feel as though we’re at the mercy of our circumstances and that we have no control over our creativity. Pages are also symbolic of communication, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this card flipped over. Mercury retrograde is notorious for botched communication, and that includes communication with ourselves!

Card 2: What is blocking us? What do we need to let go of? 3 of Cups Reversed

3 of cups reversedThe 3 of Cups is about cooperation and communication and finding joy in celebrating with each other! In this reading, the reversed position tells me that we are competing with each other, and not in a productive way. We’re starting to feel like maybe the world is too small for us and our dreams, and maybe we’re not working with our friends and colleagues in a way that is constructive.

This, as you might imagine, is a huge block for us. Because what happens when we feel like we’re competing with everybody? We stifle our own creativity. We get in our own way. We might even go so far as to say, “Why bother? Someone else is out there doing something that I already want to do, and they’re probably doing it better with me.”

What do we need to let go of here? Our sense of competition. We need to celebrate the success of everyone around us, as well as our own!

Card 3: What intentions would be most helpful to us right now? 6 of Wands Reversed

6 of wands reversedI have to admit: I have never seen this card come up in a reading before, and while I was surprised to see it here, I got the message loud and clear. For this New Moon Cycle, our intentions are going to best be focused on lowering our expectations. But not in a bad way!

See how that knight is riding into town on his horse, and everyone is cheering him on and celebrating? That knight probably has a pretty inflated ego right now. That knight might even be verrrrrrrrrrrrrry attached to his fame and his power.

Let’s try and let go of all of that. Reversed, my intuition is telling me that right now our intentions are going to be most helpful if they are focused on doing our work without any attachment to outcome. No expectations of game and glory – just being gloriously ordinary in who we are and what we do.

Easy peasy, right?

But really…Whatever happened to finding the beauty in the ordinary? Whatever happened to finding success at just being yourself? Can we teach ourselves to be truly happy without fame and fortune and fanfare?

Card 4: What knowledge do we need to gain in order to cultivate and manifest our intentions this moon cycle? The Lovers Reversed

the lovers reversedOkay, once again… I pulled this card and thought, What. The. Hell. Sometimes, that happens. Sometimes I pull a card, and the energy and intuition is so clear! Other times…I look at the card and think, okay, the Universe is having a joke on me.

This took a little bit meditation before the energy came to me. What knowledge do we need to gain here? The knowledge of how to function when everything feels like it’s falling apart, or in discord, or we feel stuck or blocked or frustrated or…well, you get the idea.

Because the truth is that things don’t always go smoothly. But that’s where we learn, where we grow. And when we’re faced with deep discord, with feelings of being totally disconnected and totally unloved by the Universe, that’s where the real growth happens. That’s where we find our confidence, and our strength, and maybe we start to develop new abilities and maybe even some discipline.

How can we learn to love when everything around us feels like it’s falling apart?

Card 5: What positive energy can I look forward to in this moon cycle? 3 of Wands

3 of wandsOh, when I pulled this card, I felt my heart skip a beat – but in a good way. Not only is it upright, but this card reflects good energy for the future. This card literally means that your ship is about to come in! Something good is on the horizon for all of us, and as long as we’ve been doing our homework and making any changes necessary for growth, we’re going to have a very good future to look forward to.

We need to trust in what our soul’s true desires are telling us. Follow your soul – follow your desires. These next two weeks? Get quiet. Get still. Get still enough so that you can listen to what your soul speaks to you, and trust that. That’s what will bring you success. That is what will bring you home.

Overall, this is going to be a moon cycle full of challenges to overcome. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the energy. A helpful mantra for the next two weeks: Be Happy, Be Humble. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with ego, or any sense of failure or not being good enough. Don’t forget that you are good enough and deserving of any success you create for yourself!

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