Hold on to your hats, friends, it’s going to be one wild ride for the next few months. And I’m not just saying that because today is the NY presidential primary election and people are losing their SHIT. The full moon usually brings a little more intensity to the energy around us, and with not one but two planets in retrograde right now, this is the perfect time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and let go.

Ah, so of course, I asked the cards what’s going on in the Universe right now. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been feeling chaotic, disconnected, adrift… Part of the work I’ve been doing getting comfortable in The Void, or that place of being “in-between” where you need to make the transition from the old in order to make room for the new or the unknown. It can be a scary place for a lot of us, but the beauty in it is learning how to accept everything that happens in our lives with an open heart, just as if we had asked for it to happen.

Full Moon in Taurus April 19 2016

So, here we go. I did a 7-card spread here to get some clarity on what was happening for this next 14 day moon cycle.

Card 1: Where are we right now? The High Priestess, reversed

high priestess reversedWell, I don’t think I could have chosen a more appropriate card for how I (and some of my close friends) have been feeling right now. Maybe you’ve noticed it, to – that disconnect I’ve been feeling? There it is. The Priestess is about our connection to the nature of the Divine Feminine, and feeling our partnership with nature. Yeah, if you’ve been feeling totally out of whack with your own body’s natural rhythms, here it is for you. We’re experiencing a disconnect with nature on a scale never before witnessed in human history, I believe. I think The Priestess has come here to show us that it’s time to meditate on the many incarnations of the Divine Feminine in our lives, and how we can repair that connection between ourselves and the natural world.

How do we do that? Take off your shoes, and walk in bare feet on the earth. Celebrate your own cycles of death and rebirth. Open and allow yourself to receive. Remember, always, that we are not something separate from nature and the divine – we are, in fact, all manifestations of nature and the divine. Meditate on that, feel it in your very bones, all the way down to your very cells. If we’re going to heal or be able to make changes in ourselves necessary for healing, the first step is to remember that we are worthy of healing just because we ARE.

Card 2: How are we projecting ourselves? 10 of Wands

10 of wandsYou see in this card how the man is carrying this huge load of wands towards a far-off destination on a long and winding dirt road? Those wands are the desires of his soul, and he’s carrying them like a burden to some place at the end of a seemingly unending road. Maybe you, too, have been carrying around some unrealized dreams or some unrealized desires as you go through your life.

Do we particularly enjoy these burdens? Well, maybe. There’s that old saying about how we become more comfortable with a familiar pain than with an unfamiliar bliss. Maybe it’s time we stop viewing our soul’s desires as a burden, and start treating them as a blessing. Maybe this card has appeared to tell us it’s time to let that shit go with this full moon and instead of denying ourselves what we really want, we should start moving forward with a clear intention and purpose.

This card can also give us a clue that maybe we’re treating our relationships as burdens instead of blessings. I’ll be the first one to admit that there are some people in my life that I would just rather not expend any energy on, but the truth is, all of these people come into our lives for a reason to teach us SOMETHING. What would happen if we started looking at those people and those difficult relationships as a blessing, not a burden?

Card 3: What is blocking us? Knight of Wands, reversed

Knight of Wands ReversedOh, yes, how I love the court cards. *sarcasm* But here we go, and in a particularly difficult position in this reading we have the Knight of Wands.

What’s blocking us lately? It’s our own damn ego, our own bravado, those things that we put out there to make everyone think that everything in our lives is just hunky dory.

When you look at this card closely, you can see that the Knight is really just putting on a show for us. The horse is rearing up, but for what? There’s a revolution happening all around us through this enormous shift in consciousness, moving away from the manufactured life we see every day and instead moving instinctively towards what’s true and what’s real for each of us.

The Knight of Wands has appeared to tell us that we’re getting in our own damn way with the facade that we put on every day, when really, what we need to do is just be ourselves. Be your own authentic self, and don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks about you. You can use that as your mantra for the next two weeks. You’re welcome.

Card 4: What do we need to do to overcome these obstacles? 7 of Cups

7 of cupsYou know how when you’re a kid (or maybe even when you’re a grown up) and you find out that you can do something really well, or you pull off a major accomplishment, and someone around you just has to be a wet effing blanket and says to you, “Don’t let it go to your head”? Well, this 7 of Cups is telling you that in order to overcome these obstacles, you must, indeed, let it go to your head.

Since when is being good at something a bad thing? Yet over and over, this is the story we tell ourselves. Oh, sure, I might be really good at this, but it’s not important, and anyway, I need to stay modest. (Especially if you’re a woman – because, you know, women who own their power are scary.)

If we want to overcome those obstacles, that fake bravado we put on for ourselves in the Knight of Wands when it comes to pretending what it is that we really want, we need to let ourselves daydream. And we need to really get into it, too. Imagine what you really want, and feel it in your whole body – what would it feel like in your body to be truly in touch with your desires? What would a life built around those desires feel like? What would it look like? Can you hear the sounds and maybe even sense the aromas that would go with it? Let yourself go deep into your daydreams these next 14 days, and know that anything is possible.

Card 5: What can we work on in ourselves to overcome these obstacles? King of Swords

king of swords“Razor-sharp intellect” were the words that popped into my mind as soon as I turned over this card in the reading. Once again, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve become a little sloppy in my meditation and mindfulness practices. I’ve let my mind and my thoughts become a little…er…undisciplined. Okay, maybe a lot undisciplined. I’ve let myself get carried away with my thoughts, forgetting that they’re really just thoughts.

The King of Swords has arrived here as a reminder that we need to be well-disciplined with our thoughts, and we need to remember that thoughts are just thoughts – there’s nothing that actually says we have to act on them. Developing a strong mind here will serve us well when it comes to making decisions in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll see this message once again in the last card in the reading.

Card 6: What do we need to learn to overcome our obstacles? 9 of Cups Reversed

9 of cups reversedWoa, folks. Lots of cups coming up in this reading. Cups are all about emotions, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve certainly felt carried away by my emotions lately, and this indicates that the situation is not likely to change with the energy of this upcoming full moon.

The 9 of Cups here is showing us a learning experience of dealing with our shadow side. Yes, we have permission to love it when we’re good at something, but we need to learn that this doesn’t make us better than anyone else. Upright, this card is all about enjoying our emotions and our feelings, about having a healthy relationship with our feelings. Reversed? It can turn you into one smug, self-righteous little canker. So be aware: Work with that King of Swords and the idea of a disciplined mind to understand that we are worthy, but so is everyone else.

Card 7: Likely outcome, 8 of Cups Reversed

8 of cups reversedI know there are some readers who would say that this card reversed can be a negative thing or a challenge to be overcome, but in this reading, I’m seeing it as positive energy. We’ve moving away from being “on guard” with our feelings all the time. We’re releasing our need to show off a facade that we think will make everyone like us. We’re moving forward on a search for what we truly love, and it’s going to be a good journey. Some of the more traditional readings of this card include an abandonment of life’s responsibilities, but again, I’m feeling that this is more of a positive thing.

Again, this is an indication of moving away from those things that have been presented to us as “the good life” and instead searching for our own definition of what a good life truly is. This is the time to let go and release all those stories about what you told yourself you wanted and start the journey towards what you actually want. Forget about what other people think you should want, and listen to your own needs and desires.

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