Having finally come down off the high from last week’s full moon energy (it was a biggie – did you feel it?), I’m starting to get caught up on things, both personally and professionally.

I’m not alone in feeling that “letdown” from last week. A few of my close friends have felt it, too, and we’re all taking advantage of the time being given to us to do a little bit of “housekeeping” in our jobs/careers, relationships, and personal lives.

If you’re feeling the need to step back and “get shit done” this week, here are some suggestions where your intentions might best be focused. I created this Tarot spread to help us figure out what we can do to move forward on all these things that opened up for us at the last full moon!

Week of March 28 2016

Signifiers: King of Cups and 8 of Wands

The signifiers for this week’s energy reading literally fell out of my deck as I was shuffling the cards. And you know what that means – pay attention. So attention will be paid.

Cups are about emotions, and the King of Cups in this reading can be viewed as a reflection of our rushing emotions. Certainly most of us felt that last week during the full moon: intense, rushing, overwhelming emotions. What did we learn from those emotions? Did we really give ourselves time to sit and digest what was happening in our hearts? Are we allowing ourselves to get carried away on waves of emotions without really knowing what we want?

Continuing along with the theme of things moving faster than the speed of light…the other signifier that fell out of my deck was the 8 of Wands. Wands, as some of you may know or remember, are about our souls and our spiritual development. In this reading, I’m picking up the energy of moving swiftly in our spiritual development or soul calling, so again, this is the perfect time for reflection and to ask yourself the question: what is it that I really want?

Moving on to the bottom row, the three cards I chose to reflect where we can focus our attention and intentions on relationships, health, and career, all of which were big players in the energy of this last full moon.

Relationships: 7 of Pentacles Ah, the pentacles. The suit of earthly abundance, of prosperity, money, and achievement. Relationships are hard freaking work, aren’t they? Even the best and easiest relationships we have with our spouses, friends, and co-workers need attention from time to time. The 7 of Pentacles is all about the work, hard or otherwise, we need to put into our relationships to see them flourish. During this week of cosmic downtime, this is the perfect opportunity for all of us to reflect more on what we need and want out of our connections with other people.

Health: The Magician If you’ve been experiencing health challenges lately or maybe just feeling the urge to clean up your body, let go of negative eating habits or negative attitudes about food, the Magician has come with the message that this is a great time to examine your current state of health and maybe turn to a more natural or holistic way of managing your body. The Magician brings new energy for connecting with nature, and while it may seem like “magic” when you start eating clean, it’s really just your body responding to the kindness you show towards it.

Career: 3 of Wands Reversed I don’t want to say, “uh-oh”, but…uh-oh. Are you struggling in your career? Are you starting to question everything about your job? Maybe you’re starting to think about a career shift, looking to something that’s more in line with your personal values and your soul’s true calling. Slowing things down this week is going to be an especially good idea as we re-evaluate what it is that we do, why we do it, and maybe ask ourselves what it is that we really want to do. If you’re happy with your current career or job, then this card is a signal to you that you might want to look for ways that you can bring more mindfulness to your job and your work day to bring deeper fulfillment at work.

There you have it. Is any of this ringing true for you this week? I can do a more detailed personal reading for you to help give you clarity and guidance. Just check out my Services page, and choose a Tarot spread that speaks to you!