The moon goes full this Wednesday morning, March 23, 2016, and along with it come the themes of balance, transformation, cleansing, and relationships, not to mention a lunar eclipse. So here is this moon cycle’s Universal Energy Reading, providing us with a little bit of guidance into what’s happened these last few months, what’s happening now, and what we need to focus on moving forward.

Card 1: The Recent Past, Past Influences (Page of Cups Reversed)

Have you been feeling a little out of touch with yourself and your emotions? Does it feel like you’re spending too much time caught up in your own head, or lost in your own thoughts? There’s been a disconnect lately, a forgetting if you will, of who we really are and what we’re really capable of doing in this world. The energy of these last few months has been all about transformation, but unless we’re in touch with ourselves and who we are, we won’t get very far in bringing about that transformation. I’ve been sensing a lot of the energy of “remembering” in the last couple of weeks since the New Moon – remembering my true nature, my essential Self. When we forget who we are, we begin to live out of balance with nature and those imbalances cause stress and disease. We begin the slide into madness and despair. (Trust me. I’ve been there.)  It’s so easy to “forget” ourselves and live according to our fears, anxieties, and insecurities. Maybe this is what you’ve been doing for the lat couple of months, too.

Card 2: What You Need to Know About the Present (6 of Cups)

The suit of cups is all about our emotions, and the theme of “I Feel”, and certainly in this Full Moon cycle, our emotions are going to be running high about many things. What we need to know about these emotions is that they are actually a gift to us, and we need to accept them as such. We would do well to focus on staying in the present and learning how to find the valuable lessons in these emotions and our earthly situations as the reasons why and how we transform. Makes sense, right? This is a time when we can slow down and be more mindful with our emotions, examine them more closely, and use them to figure out where we want to go next. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do I feel this way?
  • If this is a negative emotion, why am I holding on to it? What do I gain from holding on to my negative feelings?
  • How do I learn to accept these emotions without judgement?

Which leads me to the next card…

Card 3: What’s Causing Imbalances? (Judgement)

Ah, yes! Judgement. Rising from her fiery cauldron with the Phoenix behind her (another powerful symbol of transformation – do you see a theme here?) is Judgement. She’s naked, she’s unafraid, and she’s ready to burn through all those illusions that we hold for ourselves. The things that keep us comfortable. It’s so easy for use to hold judgements about ourselves and about others, and it’s far more difficult for us to look at things from a neutral perspective.

One of my best friends in the whole world, during our yoga teacher training together, introduced me to the phrase “No judgement”. Woa. What an eye-opener that was. When we look at ourselves through the lens of anything else – societal expectations, social norms, etc. – we always find ourselves clashing against what we think “should” be happening instead of accepting what is actually happening.

Judgement turned up to remind us that holding on to the past and our own personal prejudices is not terribly conducive to moving forward. Start with yourself – can you let go of the idea of “character flaws” and instead try to perceive these things as challenges for life lessons? Go for it.

Card 4: Actions to Help Clear Energy (Page of Swords)

The court cards are usually a major pain in the ass for me when they turn up in a reading. The energy from these cards always feels so…ambivalent? Wishy washy? But the pages in the court cards have to do with earth, and our physical manifestations, and the page of swords is about the intellect in general, and specifically about our thoughts regarding this earthly existence of ours.

I love the Page of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot (the deck I use) because it’s infused with joy. You see that Page leaping forward, wielding that sword of hers? She’s pretty happy about what those thoughts of hers, about her strong intellect. The blade of that sword shines, as does your intellect when you work with your emotions as tools for positive change and transformation.

Mindfulness is key here, when trying to make these changes. Go back to that Judgement card and see where you can objectively evaluate these emotions that may be causing you stress in your life. Start with one or two patterns that you notice, get a small journal, and make it a game. Try to catch yourself engaging in those things that hold you back, and write ’em down. Then see if you can find some way to turn those negatives into positives. (There is always a way, it just might require some thought.) Since the Full Moon is all about a time of letting go, this might be the perfect time for you to just let go of some of those negatives that aren’t useful to you anymore.

Card 5: What We Need to Focus On Healing (2 of Cups Reversed)

Oh, boy. 2 of Cups reversed = stress in relationships. Well, no shit. It seems like pretty much everybody I know is having stress in their relationships these days. And this isn’t just romantic relationships – I’m seeing business partnerships falter and struggle and long-time friends having problems connecting with each other.

Could it be that all of these have something to do with the fact that we can’t communicate with each other these days? Things seem to be shifting so quickly that we’re having a hard time keeping up with changes that happen in ourselves, so how can we be expected to be sensitive to the needs of others around us?

Instinct and communication are going to be key here for healing these relationships. Your instincts are your best bet when working with big transformation like this. Go with your gut – your gut, also known as your enteric nervous system, actually has more nerve endings than your central nervous system. Your gut is highly sensitive to the energies around you. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you find yourself in a strange situation? Or when you feel relaxed and happy? That’s your second nervous system giving you a reading on what’s happening around you. Trust it. Go with it.

Using all these tools we’ve talked about in the previous four cards, we can learn how to trust our instincts again and use that information to heal our relationships and leave the past behind.

Full Moon in Libra March 23 2016

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

I pay attention when things fall out of my medicine bag as I’m working with my Tarot cards, and my rose quartz palm stone slipped right out of its case and into my hand when I opened it up. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for this reading, because it imparts a soothing, gentle energy of love – including self-love. Remember to be gentle and accepting of yourself as you work through these transformations.


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