I first saw it a few weeks ago, after I did an informal reading for a friend: I happened to glance at the bottom of my deck as I held it in my hands, and saw the Death card.

It happened again last night, as I was feeling drawn to work with my cards. I was working with a new spread, and before I shuffled the deck, I happened to glance at the bottom of the deck. And there was the Death card again.

So I shuffled the deck, feeling curious about what I was about to discover. I laid out my cards in the Tree of Life spread, and turned them over, one by one.

The last card – the probable outcome to my actions – was the Death card.

At first, I felt a little shiver. My mother lived her entire life in dire fear of death, that greatest of all transformations. But in the Tarot, the Death card doesn’t signify the end of the physical body – it instead carries a meaning of quick and deep transformation, along with the opportunity to let go of whatever is not serving you anymore.


Pulling the Death card during the New Moon and the first solar eclipse of the year has an even greater significance and power. This New Moon is about making dreams come true, planting the seeds for change in your life. The energy of this solar eclipse is like hitting a giant “Reset” button for your energy.

For me, this card signifies that it is time for me to claim my story as my own. It’s time for me to leave the past behind for once and for all, and to move forward courageously towards my own transformation.

Even the number of this major aracana card – 13 – can be reduced to the number 4, which in some numerology interpretations indicated stability and boundaries.

Our lives are endless cycles of death and rebirth; clearing the old, making way for the new. The Death card indicates that there are new opportunities on the horizon, and reminds us that nothing in this life – not even life itself – is permanent. The more we can let go, the more we can open up to new beginnings and new discoveries.

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